Lonely Love | May You Never [test pressing]

1 Apr 1986
Dischi Ricordi
The Bottom Line:

How rare can you get: test pressing for a promo item.

Early April 1986 John made a small Italian tour. This single was specially made for the occasion as a giveaway for the public. It was pressed and distributed by Dischi Ricordi.

It is an early sample and ties in with the release of the Classic John Martyn singles and the Piece By Piece compilation album. This is indicated by the choice for May You Never as flipside and the type of mold number. (The Piece By Piece promo box has JM 1.)

The white label was originally blank. Some print from another regular label shines through but this was from another release.

Lonely Love lasts 3:22, May You Never 3:40.

Mold numbers
JM 100 - 1 and JM 100 - 2

Vinyl 7": Island JM 100