3 Tracks (So Sweet)

1 Apr 2000
Independiente Records
The Bottom Line:

Three remixes of Glasgow Walker tracks on CDR.

Advance CDR recording in regular CDS jewel case. About 50 of these were produced.

Print on CD:

John Martyn
3 tracks

Laserjet imprint 1H2301 00441 7D11.


nr track time comment
01 So Sweet (Radio Edit) [4:11] 40 seconds shorter than orginal track.
02 So Sweet (Mad Professor Edit) [4:00] Reggae approach mixed by dubmaster Neil Fraser.
03 Cry Me A River (Sound 5 Edit) [3:16] Awkward dance mix.

Text on the Anglo Plugging sticker:

'So Sweet' is the first single and lead track from 'Glasgow Walker', the new album from John Martyn and his first collection of new songs for 4 years. This album marks John's 30th year in music and he steps out on a UK and Ireland tour at the beginning of June, as well as playing at this year's Glastonbury festival
Release date: Promo Only
Anglo Plugging [...].

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