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Lonely Love | Sweet Little Mystery [live] (Spain)

1 Oct 1986

A promo only release issued for the Spanish market.

"Disco Promoc. | Proh. su venta"

Depósito Legal: M-12943-1986
Editado y Distribuido por Ariola Eurodisc, S.A.
Fabricado en España por Iberophón, S.A. | Permiso 5854

Mold numbers
A-108222 A - IN3 DM
A-108222 3B - IN3 DM (hand carved)

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Vinyl 7": Ariola A-108.222
Producer: John Martyn
Engineer: Brian Young, Robert Rankin

John Martyn ‎| In Concert - 390

15 Sep 1986
BBC Transcription Service

The Bottom Line

Radio Broadcast of Glastonbury 1986 performance. Put on vinyl by the BBC.

Vinyl registration of Pete Drummond radio broadcast, issued in the BBC In Concert series. John played Stage One of the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday June 21st 1986.
On the cue sheets, Outside In is misspelled Inside Out and Lookin' On comes out Looking In. The same tracks made up the best part of the BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert CD, but Richard Skinners introduction was left out there. ("This is Richard Skinner in London with the BBC 'In Concert' programme...")

BBC Transcription Services ‎– CN 4819/S
Presenter – Richard Skinner
Producer – Pete Dauncey, Anthony Pugh
Engineer – Paul Nickson


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