Glorious Fool advert

10 Oct 1981
New Musical Express

This advert was printed on page 33 of the New Musical Express, 10 October 1981. It contains 14 tour dates.
The same issue of the magazine featured an interview with Chris Salewicz, Johnny Done Badly. And a review...

on tour with guests


One of this year's (any year's) finest.
Melody Maker

One of the most genuinely passionate records of the year.
Record Mirror

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One World series

22 Apr 1978

The release of One World was supported with various kind of advertisements. These series of one column ads are original in their approach and ran in several leading music magazines, mostly on the same day (22 April 1978).
Left to right:
Ad #1 was published in Melody Maker, #2 also Melody Maker.
Ad #3 is pulled from Sounds while #4 was found in the New Musical Express.

The text goes
"Here's just a couple of tracks to woo yah... there's six more on 'One World' that'll really wow ya!

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One World advert

10 Dec 1977
New Musical Express

This full page advert quotes two reviews, one from Melody Maker's Monty Smith (19 November) and one from Vivien Goldman (Sounds, 26 November). This places the earliest possible publishing date at 3 December.

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One World advert

5 Nov 1977
Melody Maker

This full page advert supported the release of One World.
Melody Maker ran the advert in the issue of 5 November 1977, on page 55.

John Martyn / One World
His First Studio Album In Two Years
On Tour
Island ILPS 9492 / Available on Cassette
Produced by Chris Blackwell

Twenty tour dates were mentioned.

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Live At Leeds advert

20 Sep 1975
Melody Maker

This historical full page advert was printed in Melody Maker of 20 September 1975, page 15 (and also one week earlier on page 17). It served to promote the 'independent' release of the Live At Leeds album. John's private address got published in the process, albeit misspelled. Four concert dates were also included, 'On tour with Out To Lunch'.

'Look 'ere, I've made this album. Now keep schtum and don't tell de uvver mob.
Just send free quid as soon as you like to my gaff and my latest live waxing can be yours.'

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Sunday's Child advert

25 Jan 1975
Melody Maker

This ad supported the Sunday's Child release and tour for February. It was published in Melody Maker of 25 January 1975, on page 15. Thirteen tourdates were included, with 'Special guests Lucas & McCulloch'.
Later on the NME ran an update:

2nd February
Victora Palace Theatre London
Some standing room available on the night

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Inside Out advert

20 Oct 1973
Cash Box

Cash Box was a US based weekly magazine for the music industry trade publishing record charts. This two page advert preluded to John touring the US during the winter. The same material was re-used in black and white, as inner sleeve of the Jook Joint sampler.

The text says

ISLAND PEOPLE are a unique group of artists, whose records are not 'product' but works of art - all appreciated for what they bring to the world of music.
The ISLAND PEOPLE are distributed by the Capitol People, who have a complete support program for these artists.

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Inside Out advert

6 Oct 1973
Melody Maker

This one page advert was printed in Melody Maker of 6 October 1973 (page 21). It contains 23 tour dates, most of them with Danny Thompson.

A new album | John Martyn Inside Out
Album No ILPS 9253, Cassette No ZCI 9253 and Cartridge No Y8I 9253
Produced by John Martyn

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Solid Air advert

24 Feb 1973

This advert supported the release of Solid Air. At the bottom nine tour dates for March have been included. This served to reconstruct the publishing date.
The last two dates, Slough College of Technology 23rd and Euston Shaw Theatre 25th, must have been cancelled as John was touring the US at that time.

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