Poster Portrush 1979


A rare poster of a one time festival. 25 August 1979, Portrush, Northern Ireland saw the Causeway Coast Music Festival. John played the Saturday night.
Tom Paxton deserves praise for keeping it.

Poster Irvillac 1979


This poster was made for the very first edition of the French Elixir festival (Irvillac, Bretagne). John played on the second day, 15 July 1979, amidst a stellar cast from the folk stable; Richard and Linda Thompson, Dan Ar Bras, Clannad, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Battlefield Band, Boys Of The Lough to name a few. The line-up for Sunday was:
Tony Trischka
Gerard Delahaye
Mathieu Donnard Street
John Renbourn (John Molyneux/ Jacqui McShee)
Richard and Linda Thompson (Simon Nicol/ Dave Pegg)
Bert Janch and Connundrum
John Martyn

Poster Milano 1979


Two consecutive shows in Milan at the Teatro di Porta Romana. Both shows sold out. One was apparently filmed by a local tv-station. The show was also bootlegged and subsequently released as Live in Milan 1979.
"Un concerto di musica vera". How true..

Poster Lancaster 1977

© John Angus

John Angus designed and printed a large number of silkscreen posters for Lancaster University between 1976 and 1981. Two of them advertised John Martyn shows.
This poster for the John Martyn concert of 29 November 1977 is based on a photo he took of a garden in the UK.
The supporting act was Prelude.

Poster Leicester 1974


This poster announced the concert at Leicester Polytechnic of Saturday 4th May 1974.
The design was done by a graphics student at Leicester Polytechnic, it was applied to all concerts of this period and was known as the 'Angels' design.

Hat tip Andrew Taylor

Poster Eltham 1973


This reconstructed poster mentions a concert on August 25th, with an admission of 60p. It took place at the Well Hall Open Theatre, in a small Eltham (London) park called Well Hall Pleasaunce. And it was part of a series 'Open Air Folk' organized by the Greenwich Entertainment Service.

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