Site History 2000

  • December 29 2000: Details New York Session added (Collectors).
  • December 26 2000: New muffclip (Sunshine's Better live from 1996 Andy Kershaw radio show).
  • December 21 2000: Solid Air record updated; added some great liner notes by John Wood. Typo corrected in Angeline CD single liner notes, good reading Jan Calon.

Site History 1999

  • December 29 1999: Some fireworks on homepage.
  • December 27 1999: Pink Floyd gig added, thanks Jon. Mike Volpe kindly identified two mystery artists in the Piece by piece promo set.
  • December 26 1999: New weeklip (Solid Air live at Belfast). Five old gigs found (supporting Yes and Steve Winwood).


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