Really Gone but not quite

cover photoA version of the UltanJohn track Really Gone has been included on Ultan Conlon's debut solo album Bless Your Heart, which was presented 20 November 2009 with a free gig in Kelly's, Bridge Street, Galway. Ultan John (Ultan Conlon and John Conneely) worked with John Martyn on the track that appeared as a single November 2006.

Conlon played support to Martyn for a concert at the Cork Opera House that took place 3 August 2005. John liked the duo so much they were offered a second support act the next day, at Dolans Warehouse (Limerick). Afterwards Martyn asked if he could join in a recording session for UltanJohn, at Ross Studios, Clarenbridge.

The album was written and produced by Ultan Conlon and co-produced by Eoin McCann and Raoul Terzi. It was mastered by Ray Staff, best known for his work with Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Clash, and Muse.
The album is released on DarkSideOut records.

John Martyn is no longer with us

Today, 29 January 2009, it was announced that John Martyn has passed away, at age 60. Only four weeks ago he was awarded an OBE, probably through the efforts of John Hillarby. Quite rightly so.

Concert picture

What can I say? I feel sad of course but also grateful for all the music he has left us. Curious about the circumstances of his death. Surprised also, even though we all knew that something like this was bound to happen some time. Sorry for all the fans out there who love him so dearly.

Condolences to Teresa and all the people that have worked so loyally to make his music stand out. To my friend John Hillarby and to all the fans around the world without whom this website would not have had any point at all.

Rest assured, I recently estimated that it will take about 10 years to finish the work I started 10 years ago. I have no intention of giving up. For me, John will never die. He lived through his music and he will live on in his music. John Martyn was and will always be a legend.

Something New

For reasons beyond human understanding this demo tape has rested in the vaults for more than thirty years. Possibly John thought the structure of the song being too traditional. But somehow it seems appropriate to post it here, now. The typical Martyn twist is at the very end, by the way.

All For The Love Of You has been released on the boxed set Ain't No Saint. There are more great unknown tracks there to be found, like Working It Out, and In The Evening.

Well John, let's hope they have distortion pedals in Heaven. Give'm hell up there. We will be searching for the echoplex in the thunder. Thank you so much.



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