List of John Martyn Sleevenotes

From Biography To Blurb..

Below you find all of the liner notes published on John Martyn releases. Many times they contain good information but we also find a lot of cut and paste journalism.
Sometimes Big John himself took the trouble to do some writing but he obviously did not waste much time on this.

Date Title Written bysort ascending Related to
4 Feb 2008 Live re-mastered John Hillarby Live (remastered)
3 Mar 2008 No Little Boy [remastered] John Hillarby No Little Boy (remastered)
1 Nov 1970 The Road To Ruin John and Beverley Martyn The Road To Ruin
The Road To Ruin (remastered & expanded)
23 Sep 2002 Solid Air: Classics Re-visited Joe Adair Solid Air: Classics Re-visited
1 Mar 1992 BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert - Jeff Griffin Jeff Griffin BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert
13 Oct 2008 The July Wakes | Bonus Tracks Ian Barnett The July Wakes
8 May 2006 On Air Harald Moenkedieck On Air
4 Nov 2002 John Martyn - Live At Leeds (Gary Harries) Gary Harries Live At Leeds De Luxe (2LP)
30 Jan 2006 Live At Leeds And More Drew Heatley Live At Leeds And More
17 Nov 2008 A Hazy Legend Douglas Eadie The Original Transatlantic Sessions (DVD)
26 Sep 2011 Transatlantic Sessions 2 (DVD) Douglas Eadie Transatlantic Sessions 2 (DVD)
28 Feb 2016 Scullion - Balance And Control (CD) Dermot Stokes Balance And Control
1 Dec 2003 Live In Concert At The Cambridge Folk Festival David Stubbs Live In Concert At The Cambridge Folk Festival
1 Jan 1968 Bawdy British Ballads David Betteridge Bawdy British Ballads
24 May 2004 Late Night John - Daryl Easlea Daryl Easlea Late Night John
1 Nov 2004 The Gentlest Circus - One World By John Martyn Daryl Easlea One World Deluxe Edition
25 May 2009 About Love: Solid Air by John Martyn Daryl Easlea Solid Air Deluxe Edition (2CD)
29 May 2006 The John Martyn Story Daryl Easlea The John Martyn Story (aka 'Gold')
12 Feb 2007 Grace & Danger Deluxe Edition Daryl Easlea Grace & Danger Deluxe Edition
1 Mar 1999 Another World - Danny Thompson Danny Thompson Another World
1 Nov 2007 The Battle Of Medway, July 17 1973 Colin Harper The Battle Of Medway, July 17th 1973
1 Dec 1993 The Pilgrim's Progress Has Been Hard Colin Escott Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology
1 Mar 1992 BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert - Chas Keep Chas Keep BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert
4 Mar 1977 So Far So Good Brian Blevins So Far So Good
2 Nov 1998 Serendipity - Brendan Quayle Brendan Quayle Serendipity | An introduction to John Martyn
1 Jan 1992 Live At Leeds (CD) Anonymous Live At Leeds
16 Jan 1992 Purely Music Anonymous John Martyn | Purely Music
27 Sep 2004 Anthology Anonymous Anthology
1 Aug 1992 Couldn't Love You More Anonymous Couldn't Love You More
23 Mar 2009 May You Never | The Very Best Of | Timeline Anonymous May You Never | The Very Best Of John Martyn
1 May 1993 London Converation (CD) Anonymous London Conversation
1 May 1993 Stormbringer! (CD) Anonymous Stormbringer!
1 May 1993 Bless The Weather (CD) Anonymous Bless The Weather
1 Jun 1999 Philentropy | Snoo Anonymous Philentropy | Snoo
29 Aug 2000 John Martyn Biography Anonymous Live From London (US DVD)
26 Feb 2007 Anthology (rerelease) Anonymous Anthology
1 Feb 1970 Stormbringer! Anonymous Stormbringer!
29 Jun 1981 Spizzles | The John Martyn Band | In Concert - 254 Anonymous Spizzles | The John Martyn Band ‎| In Concert - 254
1 Feb 1986 Classic John Martyn (CDS) Anonymous Classic John Martyn (CDS)
15 Sep 1986 John Martyn | In Concert – 390 Anonymous John Martyn ‎| In Concert - 390
1 Jun 1987 Live At Leeds (Cacophony vinyl) Anonymous Live At Leeds
28 Aug 2006 John Martyn In Session Andy Gill In Session
7 Jun 2004 Mad Dog Days 'Jet' Martin Celmins Mad Dog Days (2CD + DVD)
25 Jun 2012 'That Man Who's Always Singing...' | A John Martyn Profile 'Jet' Martin Celmins Remembering John Martyn