List of John Martyn Records

Below are all the releases by John issued under his own name.
Many items have been deleted.

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Date Titlesort ascending Carriers
28 Sep 1992 Couldn't Love You More CD: Permanent PERM CD9
CD: Rhino RHI 79057 CD (US)
CD: Festival D31020 (Australia)
CD: Indelible INDELCD13 (US, 18 May 1998)
CD: Gala Records GLA 20862 (Italy)
CD: Universe CDSP 99893 ('licensed from Permanent Records')
27 Aug 2007 Cover Cooltide (remastered & expanded) CD: One World OW129CD
9 Sep 1991 Cooltide Vinyl: Permanent PERM LP4
Vinyl: Hypertension HYLP 200116 (150 gr superior quality pressing, strictly limited edition 2000 copies)
CD: Permanent PERM CD4 or CD004
CD: Hypertension HYCD 200116 (Ariola/ARIS 883811)
CD: One World OW103CD (1 June 2001)
CD: Indelible Records INDELCD11 (US)
7 Nov 2005 Cover Bless The Weather (remastered & expanded) CD: Island IMCD 321 / 983 073-1
1 Nov 1971 Bless The Weather Vinyl: Island ILPS 9167
Vinyl: Island SMAS 9311 (US)
Vinyl: Island Festival L34440 (Australia)
Vinyl: Island 85677 IT (Germany)
CD: Island IMCD 135 (848 972-2) (May 1993)
1 Mar 1992 BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Vinyl: BBC Transcription Service CN4819/S (only Glasto, not for sale)
CD: Windsong WINCD 012
4 Jun 2007 Cover BBC Live In Concert 2CD: Island 984 898-1
29 Jul 1996 And. CD: GO! Discs 828 798-2
Vinyl: GO! Discs 828 798-1 (500 copies, no hidden track)
1 Sep 2008 Ain't No Saint 4CD: Universal Island 530 798-7