List of John Martyn Records

Below are all the releases by John issued under his own name.
Many items have been deleted.

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Datesort descending Title Carriers
9 Sep 2013 Sweet Little Mystery | The Essential John Martyn CD Spectrum SPEC2148
23 Sep 2013 Live At The Hanging Lamp | Richmond 8th May 1972 [vinyl] Island ILPS 10001
30 Sep 2013 The Island Years [box set]
14 Jul 2014 Well Kept Secret (remastered & expanded) CD: Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2445
3 Nov 2014 The Best Of The Island Years 4CD: Island 379 384-2
25 Nov 2016 May You Never | The Essential John Martyn (3CD) 3CD: Spectrum SPECESS006
28 Apr 2017 Head and Heart | The Acoustic John Martyn (2CD) 2CD: Island 573 622-2