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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Misc menu.

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Date Title Written by Sourcesort descending
8 Feb 1985 John Martyn: Ooit Folk, Nu 'Warme' Avant-garde Anonymous Leeuwarder Courant
1 Dec 1973 Fire & Water Dave Laing Let it Rock #15
1 Mar 1975 A Refusal To Sell Out Jonathan Morrish Let it Rock #27
30 Nov 2011 Solid Air | The Life Of John Martyn Chris Nickson Liaison Music Inc. | ISBN 0615534856
25 Mar 1986 John Martyn Start Serie Topconcerten In Heerlen Anonymous Limburgs Dagblad
28 Mar 1986 'Martyn' vandaag Anonymous Limburgs Dagblad
15 Jan 1976 Singing in the Rain Malcolm Heyhoe, Paul Hunter Liquorice #4
31 May 2000 Robert Elms show Robert Elms London Live (94.9 FM)
6 Mar 2014 Singing From The Floor JP Bean London, Faber & Faber 2014 | ISBN 978-0-571-30545-2
1 Jan 1994 Love Is The Drug John Aizlewood (ed), Mark Cooper London, Penguin, 1994; ISBN 014024199x
1 Jul 2006 Grace & Danger Lee Barry, ISBN 978-1-84728-988-9
29 Sep 1998 John Martyn: Departures And Revivals Mitch Myers Magnet magazine #36
1 Aug 1992 Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice Hamish Imlach, Ewan McVicar Mainstream Publishing, ISBN 978-1851585120
7 Dec 2011 Sandy Denny | Reflections On Her Music Philip Ward Matador Press 2011 (reprinted 2015, 2019) | ISBN 978 1838598 693
16 Feb 1974 John Martyn with Love Geoff Brown Melody Maker
26 Dec 1970 John and Beverley - On The Road To Scotland Anonymous Melody Maker
30 Dec 1972 Will you love them tomorrow? Mark Plummer Melody Maker
18 Dec 1971 Martyn: Between Head and Heart Andrew Means Melody Maker
12 Jul 1975 Natural Martyn Edward Jones Melody Maker
24 Dec 1977 Martyn's Martin Anonymous Melody Maker
19 Feb 1972 Martyn Turns On Mark Plummer Melody Maker
27 Jan 1973 Music Speaks For Martyn Andrew Means Melody Maker
12 Feb 1972 Guide to the week Anonymous Melody Maker
28 Oct 1978 Varsity tour for Martyn Anonymous Melody Maker
4 Nov 1978 Love is the Bug John Orme Melody Maker
3 Oct 1981 A Fool's Time For Glory? Steve Sutherland Melody Maker
23 Oct 1982 Secrets of a Schizoid Man Steve Sutherland Melody Maker
6 Dec 1980 Martyn's Identity Papers Karl Dallas Melody Maker
21 Feb 1976 Man of many parts Karl Dallas Melody Maker
28 Feb 1970 Focus On Folk Jeremy Gilbert Melody Maker
17 Jan 2007 60 Seconds: John Martyn Graeme Green Metro
14 Jul 2008 The pros and cons of JOHN MARTYN Aaron Lavery Metro
1 May 2001 Been Gone so Long Bob Stanley Mojo magazine
1 Mar 1998 The Bell! The Bell! David Hepworth Mojo Magazine
1 Oct 1994 The Boy Can't Help It Nick Coleman Mojo Magazine #11
1 Aug 1996 Caught On The Hop Mark Cooper Mojo magazine #33
1 Aug 2000 John's Karmic journey James McNair Mojo Magazine #81
30 Jan 2009 Farewell, John Martyn… Danny Eccleston Mojo website
2 Mar 2009 John Martyn Remembered: By Al Stewart Andrew Male Mojo website
2 Mar 2009 All Hail John Martyn! By The Verve's Nick McCabe Danny Eccleston Mojo website
1 Mar 2001 Heavy Load David Clayton, Todd K. Smith Moonshine Publishing, Bilborough, Nottingham 2001; ISBN 978-0954216900
1 Dec 1973 John Martyn [Music Scene] Mitchell Paul Music Scene
1 Jun 1983 John Martyn [Music UK] Max Kay Music UK #18
21 Aug 2008 John Martyn: Solid Gold Christopher Barrett Music Week
12 Nov 1984 Sapphire interview: Keele University Rob O'Dempsey Musin' Music Magazine #2
1 May 1986 John Martyn Interview, 27.2.86, Hanley [part 1] Rob O'Dempsey Musin' Music Magazine #4
1 Jul 1986 Excerpt from an interview Rob O'Dempsey Musin' Music magazine #5
21 Jul 1973 The Stormbringer Comes Into The Sun Ian MacDonald New Musical Express
10 Oct 1981 Johnny Done Badly Chris Salewicz New Musical Express
6 Sep 1975 Martyn Tour, Do-it-yourself Album Sale [Julie Webb] New Musical Express