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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Date Title Written bysort descending Source
8 Dec 2005 Grommend en Soulvol Gijsbert Kamer De Volkskrant
17 Jan 2007 60 Seconds: John Martyn Graeme Green Metro
29 Jan 2010 John Martyn, One-Year Wake Graeme Thomson The Arts Desk (website)
26 Jan 2019 Musical genius or a wasted talent? Graeme Thomson The Herald
1 Feb 2019 Solid Air – by John Martyn Graeme Thomson Uncut #261
26 Nov 2005 I've Had a Wonderful Time Graeme Thomson The Glasgow Herald
29 Jan 2009 British Musician John Martyn, 60, Dies Greg Quill The Star
1 Mar 1986 Distilled And Blended In Scotland | John Martyn | 20 Years Old Guido Giazzi Buscadero #57
1 Aug 1992 Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice Hamish Imlach, Ewan McVicar Mainstream Publishing, ISBN 978-1851585120
15 Jul 2004 John Martyn - Al 35 jaar een Mysterie Hans van den Berk Heaven magazine
15 May 2004 Cultural Baggage Hedge Seel The Daily Telegraph
18 Nov 1981 John Martyn [Oor] Herman van der Horst Oor #23
3 Feb 2009 John Martyn (1948-2009) Hester Carvalho NRC Handelsblad
13 Nov 1982 SOLID HEIR Hugh Fielder Sounds
2 Feb 2009 Remembering Musician John Martyn Iain MacDonald BBC Scotland
1 Jul 1974 Guitar Folk Ian Elliott Shircore Guitar Vol 2 #12
21 Jul 1973 The Stormbringer Comes Into The Sun Ian MacDonald New Musical Express
17 Dec 1981 A Home Base For John Martyn, The Wandering Minstrel Jack Webster Glasgow Herald
1 Aug 1979 Causeway Coast Music Festival Jackie Dixon Tour program
30 Jan 2009 John Martyn: Pioneering Singer-songwriter James McNair The Independent
1 Aug 2000 John's Karmic journey James McNair Mojo Magazine #81
5 May 2004 Heaven Can Wait James McNair The Independent
28 Feb 1970 Focus On Folk Jeremy Gilbert Melody Maker
1 Feb 1975 Life After Dark Jerry Gilbert Sounds
18 Aug 1973 Music On Impulse From John Martyn Jerry Gilbert Sounds
29 Jan 2009 British Songwriter John Martyn Dead At 60 Jill Lawless Associated Press
19 Mar 1986 "Ik peins er niet over om te lijden voor andere mensen" Jip Golsteijn De Telegraaf
21 Nov 1981 "Mensen Haten De Waarheid" Jip Golsteijn De Telegraaf
1 Jan 1994 Love Is The Drug John Aizlewood (ed), Mark Cooper London, Penguin, 1994; ISBN 014024199x
30 Apr 2001 Sunshine Boys Tour 2001 John Hillarby Tour program
1 Mar 2002 Live In Your Living Room... John Martyn John Hillarby Newsprint #3
27 Aug 1982 Golden Oldies Sound of John John Millar Daily Record
11 Oct 2007 Some People Are Crazy | The John Martyn Story John Neil Munro Edinburgh, Polygon ISBN 978 1 84697 036 8
31 Jan 2009 John Martyn John Neil Munro The Glasgow Herald
1 Jun 2010 Some People Are Crazy | The John Martyn Story [revised] John Neil Munro Edinburgh, Polygon ISBN 978-1846971655
17 Nov 2004 Background Interview John Neil Munro Unpublished
1 Oct 2007 Blues'n'Trouble John Neil Munro Scotland on Sunday
3 Aug 1989 Chris Blackwell en Island: het beste van twee werelden John Oomkes Het Vrije Volk
4 Nov 1978 Love is the Bug John Orme Melody Maker
28 Mar 1988 John Perry's Fretwork John Perry International Musician & Recording World Vol 14 #4
1 Dec 1977 John Martyn, Superstar! John Walker Trouser Press
1 Feb 2008 Front Row With Danny Thompson John Wilson BBC Radio 4, Front Row
1 Feb 2009 Great Art That Came Without Regrets John Wilson The Observer
9 Feb 2009 Front Row John Wilson BBC Radio 4
1 Nov 2008 Grace & Danger Johnny Black Rock 'n' Reel vol 2 #12
28 Sep 1991 Down That Lonesome Road Jonathan Futrell [Sunday Times]
1 Mar 1975 A Refusal To Sell Out Jonathan Morrish Let it Rock #27
6 Jan 2019 John Martyn: The Devil Inside Jonny Jobson The National
1 Oct 1985 John Martyn [Vinyl] Joost Niemöller Vinyl magazine #10
6 Mar 2014 Singing From The Floor JP Bean London, Faber & Faber 2014 | ISBN 978-0-571-30545-2