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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Date Title Written bysort descending Source Country
10 Jun 1978 Maddy/ Martyn In The Park Anonymous Record Mirror UK
23 Apr 1983 Aylesbury Flyer 1983 Anonymous Friars UK
27 Apr 2004 Solid Support Anonymous Dorset Echo UK
15 Apr 2011 Heaven And Earth: Musical Pioneer John Martyn’s Last Sonic Testament Anonymous Rock Paper USA
6 Sep 1975 John Martyn Plans Last Gigs Anonymous Melody Maker UK
11 Apr 1980 Cowboys Anonymous Nieuwsblad van het Noorden Netherlands
11 Apr 1980 The Damned In Eksit Anonymous Het Vrije Volk Netherlands
28 Apr 1994 E' di Scena La Musica Di Martyn Anonymous La Stampa Italy
20 Sep 1991 John Martyn [unknown] Anonymous unknown magazine UK
7 Oct 1994 Grave Martyn Anonymous La Stampa Italy
5 Feb 1969 Fisher Folk Anonymous Gaudie UK
20 Nov 1981 John Martyn Band Anonymous Het Vrije Volk Netherlands
12 Jan 1998 Codevilla, Suona John Martyn Anonymous La Stampa Italy
1 Aug 1986 22nd Cambridge Folk Festival Anonymous Tour program UK
7 Feb 1985 Pop Tip Anonymous Trouw Netherlands
17 Jan 1985 Welcome Return to John Martyn Anonymous Galway Advertiser Ireland
2 Oct 1982 Six Of The Best Anonymous Tour program UK
1 Jan 1982 Short German radio interview Anonymous German radio Germany
23 Jun 1995 What a Combination Anonymous Reading Chronicle UK
1 Feb 1977 Player Of The Month Anonymous Beat Instrumental UK
19 Mar 1986 Tweemaal pop in Arena Anonymous Het Vrije Volk Netherlands
1 Dec 1994 Legendary John Martin Plays Roisin Dubh Anonymous Galway Advertiser Ireland
2 Apr 1998 John Martyn At The Quays Anonymous Galway Advertiser Ireland
1 Jul 1978 Australian Tour July 1978 Anonymous Tour program Australia
22 Mar 1986 Muziek | Pop Anonymous De Volkskrant Netherlands
21 Sep 1979 John Martyn [Now!] Anonymous Now! UK
12 Aug 1988 John Martyn [Fringe] Anonymous The List #73 UK
27 Mar 1986 Poptips Anonymous Trouw Netherlands
1 May 2009 John Martyn (Iain David McGeachy) Anonymous Heaven vol 11 #3 Netherlands
22 Jul 1988 Fife Aid 2 Anonymous The List #71 UK
28 Mar 1986 'Martyn' vandaag Anonymous Limburgs Dagblad Netherlands
21 Jul 1977 Jansch and Martyn here in August Anonymous Sydney Morning Herald Australia
1 Mar 1975 I'm A Believer Anonymous Melody Maker UK
29 Jan 2009 Obituary: John Martyn Anonymous BBC website UK
1 Sep 1987 The Foundation Tour 1987 Anonymous Tour program UK
4 May 1990 Listen! [A Day For Scotland] Anonymous The List #120 UK
29 Jan 2009 John Martyn Anonymous Daily Telegraph UK
5 May 1990 Saturday Night Clyde Anonymous NRC Handelsblad Netherlands
1 Jun 1990 Big Day line-up Anonymous The List #122 UK
1 May 1970 John and Beverley Martyn Anonymous Beat Instrumental #85 UK
24 Oct 1991 John Martyn Anonymous Trouw Netherlands
1 Aug 1982 Open Window: the John Martyn Songbook Anonymous International Music Publications UK
30 Jan 2009 John Martyn, Folk and Jazz Guitarist, Dies at 60 Ben Sisario New York Times USA
1 Mar 1986 FOLK & ROCK Benoît Binet Nineteen #19 France
8 Mar 1978 John Martyn: Het Scherp van de Snede Bert van de Kamp Oor #5 Netherlands
1 May 2001 Been Gone so Long Bob Stanley Mojo magazine UK
1 Apr 1983 Moondogs Bram van Splunteren, Wim Bloemendaal Vara Dutch FM radio 3 Netherlands
1 Feb 1986 Piece By Piece Tour 1986 Brendan Quayle Tour program UK
24 Jun 1985 Confessions of a Romantic Brett Milano Boston Globe USA
15 May 2007 Solid Air Roundhouse DVD interview Bryan Kolupski DVD Ireland