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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Misc menu.

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Date Title Written bysort descending Source
4 Dec 2008 Cooltone!
13 Apr 2007 John Martyn Reviews
13 Apr 2007 More Reading Stuff Coming Up..
31 Jan 2009 DEATH NOTICE Irish Independent
14 Jul 2008 The pros and cons of JOHN MARTYN Aaron Lavery Metro
8 Sep 2002 Battered and Bruised... but Still Standing Adam Lee Potter Scotland on Sunday
30 Jan 2009 John Martyn Adam Sweeting The Guardian
25 Apr 2004 I'm Still Standing Aidan Smith Scotland on Sunday
22 May 2005 The Thinking Man's Drinking Man Alan Taylor The Sunday Herald (Scotland)
7 May 1986 John Martyn: "La falta de escuelas en Gran Bretaña hace que la innovación funcione sin respaldo técnico" Albert Mallofre La Vanguardia
26 Jun 2004 Profile/ John Martyn: Johnny Too Bad Alison Graham Radio Times (London)
1 Jul 2004 Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before Allan Jones Uncut magazine #86
30 Jan 2009 È Morto John Martyn Mito Del Folk Britannico E Genio Della Chitarra Andrea Laffranchi Corriere della Sera
2 Mar 2009 John Martyn Remembered: By Al Stewart Andrew Male Mojo website
18 Dec 1971 Martyn: Between Head and Heart Andrew Means Melody Maker
27 Jan 1973 Music Speaks For Martyn Andrew Means Melody Maker
1 Apr 1974 Talking with John Martyn Andy Childs ZigZag magazine 41 (Vol 5 #1)
1 Mar 1977 Up To Date with John Martyn Andy Childs ZigZag magazine #70
1 Jun 2000 The Talented Mr. Martyn Andy Robson Classic Rock #15
1 Jan 1981 Dry Martyn Angelo Pinna | Ernesto Assante Prisma Vol 1 #1
1 Nov 1975 Martyn & Garfunkel: eyeballs and a cocoon Angus MacKinnon Street Life #1
28 Apr 1994 E' di Scena La Musica Di Martyn Anonymous La Stampa
7 Oct 1994 Grave Martyn Anonymous La Stampa
12 Jan 1998 Codevilla, Suona John Martyn Anonymous La Stampa
17 Jan 1985 Welcome Return to John Martyn Anonymous Galway Advertiser
23 Jun 1995 What a Combination Anonymous Reading Chronicle
2 Oct 1982 Six Of The Best Anonymous Tour program
1 Jan 1982 Short German radio interview Anonymous German radio
1 Dec 1994 Legendary John Martin Plays Roisin Dubh Anonymous Galway Advertiser
2 Apr 1998 John Martyn At The Quays Anonymous Galway Advertiser
1 Jul 1978 Australian Tour July 1978 Anonymous Tour program
1 Sep 1987 The Foundation Tour 1987 Anonymous Tour program
21 Jul 1977 Jansch and Martyn here in August Anonymous Sydney Morning Herald
1 May 2009 John Martyn (Iain David McGeachy) Anonymous Heaven vol 11 #3
29 Jan 2009 Obituary: John Martyn Anonymous BBC website
29 Jan 2009 John Martyn Anonymous Daily Telegraph
1 Aug 1982 Open Window: the John Martyn Songbook Anonymous International Music Publications
1 May 1970 John and Beverley Martyn Anonymous Beat Instrumental #85
26 Dec 1970 John and Beverley - On The Road To Scotland Anonymous Melody Maker
30 Jan 2009 John Martyn: Guitarist And Singer Anonymous The Times
24 Dec 1977 Martyn's Martin Anonymous Melody Maker
23 Jul 1976 July Wakes Festival Anonymous Tour program
17 Jan 2010 Legend Martyn left £82K Anonymous Sunday Express
1 Jun 1978 John Martyn - A Walking, Playing Bag Of His Own Anonymous Tertangala, Vol 4 #2
17 Jan 2010 Singer-songwriter John Martyn left his sons out of his will Anonymous The Mail on Sunday
17 Jan 2010 Singer John Martyn leaves UK estate to partner and daughter Anonymous The Scotsman
9 Nov 1974 John Martyn weg uit Engeland Anonymous Veronica magazine
27 Jul 2000 Short interview [The Scotsman] Anonymous The Scotsman
29 Jan 2009 John Martyn Dies Anonymous BBC 6music website
1 Aug 1978 John Martyn [Roadrunner] Anonymous Roadrunner Vol 1 #5