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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Date Title Written bysort descending Source
6 Dec 1980 Martyn's Identity Papers Karl Dallas Melody Maker
21 Feb 1976 Man of many parts Karl Dallas Melody Maker
15 Dec 1991 John Martyn [International Musician] Keith Grant International Musician, vol 18 #2
24 Mar 1989 Danny Thompson Kenny Mathieson The List #90
1 Jul 2004 Bless the weather that brings us John Martyn Kernan Andrews Galway Advertiser
1 Mar 1990 The Zip Code John Martyn interview Kevin Ring Zip Code magazine #5
1 Apr 1985 Kontrastprogramm/ John Martyn Kurt Koelsch Fachblatt/ Musik Magazin #4
1 Oct 1992 The Triumphant Return of John Martyn Lahri Bond Dirty Linen #42
31 Mar 1999 Magic & Loss: 1948-2006 Lee Barry Big Muff website
1 Jul 2006 Grace & Danger Lee Barry, ISBN 978-1-84728-988-9
6 Feb 1985 Aldri «Hjemme» i Folkrock-Båsen Leif Gjerstad Adresseavisen
24 Jan 1983 A Scots Egotist Joins A Team And Tones It Down Les Giesler Sydney Morning Herald
22 Jun 1978 Pack of Talent on Dollar Hunt Leslie Falkiner The Age
1 Jan 2019 A Truly Wonderful Musical Connection Lisa-Marie Ferla The Scots Magazine
12 Oct 1985 Star Dust Cowboy uit Pandora's Box Louis du Moulin Het Vrije Volk
24 Jan 1982 Il Nuovo John Martyn È Successo Luigi Abbà Ciao 2001 Vol XIV #4
15 Jan 1976 Singing in the Rain Malcolm Heyhoe, Paul Hunter Liquorice #4
27 Nov 1975 John Martyn, 26 Jahre alt, verheiratet mit Beverley M., ein Kind... Manfred Gillig Sounds Magazin
11 Jan 1981 John Martyn | Ai Confini Del Folk Manuel Insolera Ciao 2001
1 Feb 1999 Excuse Me Mister Marco Denti Buscadero #199
1 Jan 1976 John Martyn | Bianca Luna Blues Marco Fumagalli Gong Vol III #1
13 Oct 1983 Sound Scene Margaret Collins Galway Advertiser
1 Sep 1989 Danny Thompson | On Playing Bass Mark Cooper Q #36
1 Aug 1996 Caught On The Hop Mark Cooper Mojo magazine #33
1 May 1990 Same Again? Mark Cooper Q #44
1 Mar 1986 Backtracking with John Martyn Mark Cordery Beat Magazine
7 Aug 2011 Here's Johnny Mark Edwards The Sunday Times
7 May 2000 Going Quietly Now Mark Edwards The Sunday Times
1 Jun 2004 Worst Luck Mark Ellen The Word #16
30 Dec 1972 Will you love them tomorrow? Mark Plummer Melody Maker
19 Feb 1972 Martyn Turns On Mark Plummer Melody Maker
28 Mar 2014 Danny Thompson: bass player for the greats Martin Chilton The Telegraph
14 Nov 2004 On The Road Again With A Rock Legend Mary Braid The Sunday Times
1 May 1986 Quando Il Cuore Non Invecchia: John Martyn Massimo Bracco Buscadero #59
4 Feb 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award Matt Everitt BBC Radio 2 website
30 Jan 2009 Last Word Matthew Bannister BBC Radio 4
1 Jun 1983 John Martyn [Music UK] Max Kay Music UK #18
8 Feb 1985 Q65 | Popmuziek Max Palfenier Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
21 Mar 1986 John Martyn en Blue Murder Max Palfenier Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
31 Jan 2009 Folkzanger John Martyn Was Inspiratie Voor Jonge Artiesten Menno Pot De Volkskrant
1 Apr 2009 John Martyn | Grace And Danger Michael Heatley Guitar & Bass Vol 20 #5
1 Jan 2002 Celtic Soul Brother Michael Heatley Record Buyer & Music Collector
1 May 2000 From Art School to Recording Artist Mike Conway iCast website
25 Feb 2009 Mike Harding Show Mike Harding BBC Radio 2
30 Jul 1998 Clear As A Bell Mike Lipton Launch
1 Feb 1981 Glorious Fool Tour 1981 Mike Sparrow Tour program
26 Jan 2019 Hard drinker with a soft heart.. Mike Wade The Times
20 Jul 1986 John Martyn/ Un Hombre Tranquilo Mingus B. Formentor Rock de Lux
29 Sep 1998 John Martyn: Departures And Revivals Mitch Myers Magnet magazine #36
1 Dec 1973 John Martyn [Music Scene] Mitchell Paul Music Scene