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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Datesort descending Title Written by Source
9 Dec 1967 Big Night For The Blues David Leggatt Glasgow Evening Times
5 Feb 1969 Fisher Folk Anonymous Gaudie
28 Feb 1970 Focus On Folk Jeremy Gilbert Melody Maker
1 May 1970 John and Beverley Martyn Anonymous Beat Instrumental #85
26 Dec 1970 John and Beverley - On The Road To Scotland Anonymous Melody Maker
1 Oct 1971 John Martyn Keeping Everything A Lot Less Rigid Richard Howell Time Out
18 Dec 1971 Martyn: Between Head and Heart Andrew Means Melody Maker
12 Feb 1972 Guide to the week Anonymous Melody Maker
19 Feb 1972 Martyn Turns On Mark Plummer Melody Maker
30 Dec 1972 Will you love them tomorrow? Mark Plummer Melody Maker
27 Jan 1973 Music Speaks For Martyn Andrew Means Melody Maker
21 Jul 1973 The Stormbringer Comes Into The Sun Ian MacDonald New Musical Express
18 Aug 1973 Music On Impulse From John Martyn Jerry Gilbert Sounds
1 Oct 1973 A Happy Man... Dave Neale Supersnazz #2
13 Oct 1973 John Martyn Inside Out Geoff Brown Melody Maker
1 Nov 1973 Inside John Martyn Dave Pyke Guitar vol 2 #4
18 Nov 1973 John Martyn Takes Own Advice Jim Conley Abilene Reporter-News
1 Dec 1973 John Martyn [Music Scene] Mitchell Paul Music Scene
1 Dec 1973 Fire & Water Dave Laing Let it Rock #15
3 Feb 1974 John Martyn: | Folk & jazz 'per il cuore' Enzo Caffarelli Ciao 2001 #5
16 Feb 1974 John Martyn with Love Geoff Brown Melody Maker
1 Apr 1974 Talking with John Martyn Andy Childs ZigZag magazine 41 (Vol 5 #1)
1 Jul 1974 Guitar Folk Ian Elliott Shircore Guitar Vol 2 #12
9 Nov 1974 John Martyn weg uit Engeland Anonymous Veronica magazine
1 Feb 1975 Life After Dark Jerry Gilbert Sounds
1 Mar 1975 I'm A Believer Anonymous Melody Maker
1 Mar 1975 A Refusal To Sell Out Jonathan Morrish Let it Rock #27
1 May 1975 John Martyn: A fingerpicking Brityn Dan Hedges Guitar Player Vol 9 #5
12 Jul 1975 Natural Martyn Edward Jones Melody Maker
6 Sep 1975 Mail Order Martyn Anonymous Record Mirror
6 Sep 1975 John Martyn Plans Last Gigs Anonymous Melody Maker
6 Sep 1975 Martyn Tour, Do-it-yourself Album Sale [Julie Webb] New Musical Express
25 Oct 1975 Martyn Makes Changes Anonymous Record Mirror
1 Nov 1975 Martyn & Garfunkel: eyeballs and a cocoon Angus MacKinnon Street Life #1
8 Nov 1975 Martyn Out Of Stock Anonymous Record Mirror
8 Nov 1975 Limited Compilation Album Anonymous Record Mirror
27 Nov 1975 John Martyn, 26 Jahre alt, verheiratet mit Beverley M., ein Kind... Manfred Gillig Sounds Magazin
29 Nov 1975 The Bitterest Beard in Britain Rod McShane New Musical Express
1 Jan 1976 John Martyn | Bianca Luna Blues Marco Fumagalli Gong Vol III #1
3 Jan 1976 Group Scene Stephen Turner The Hastings and St Leonards Observer
15 Jan 1976 Singing in the Rain Malcolm Heyhoe, Paul Hunter Liquorice #4
21 Feb 1976 Man of many parts Karl Dallas Melody Maker
23 Jul 1976 July Wakes Festival Anonymous Tour program
1 Feb 1977 Player Of The Month Anonymous Beat Instrumental
17 Feb 1977 The NME Book of Rock 2 Nick Logan, Bob Woffinden W.H. Allen & Co, London 1977, ISBN 0 352 39715 2
1 Mar 1977 Up To Date with John Martyn Andy Childs ZigZag magazine #70
5 Mar 1977 Blood, Sweat and Cheers Vivien Goldman Sounds
9 Apr 1977 John Martyn: So Far So Good Geoff Brown Melody Maker
21 Jul 1977 Jansch and Martyn here in August Anonymous Sydney Morning Herald
27 Aug 1977 Martyn For Marquee Anonymous Record Mirror