Glorious Fool – WEA 99 178

16 Oct 1981
Hot Press
Neil Mc Cormick

A PICTURE postcard of John Martyn for beginners: Bearded (but then, so is one of Heaven 17; Scottish (but so are Altered Images); Over 30 (but so is David Bowie); A background in jazz (in such style conscious days this can be nothing but a boon).

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Glorious Fool

Balance And Control

8 Nov 1980
The Bottom Line:

Only album John has produced for another artist.

Recorded and mixed at Keystone Studios, Dublin; engineered by Andrew Boland assisted by John Grimes.

"Special thanks to John Dunford, Gerry Harford, Caragh Coote, Clive and Chris."

Vinyl: WEA K 58205


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