TV recording

Out Of Our Heads

Maria Blake
BBC2 (Newcastle)
27 Jan 1989

Documentary about Ian McCallum filmed in 1988 by Zenith North, which "includes a slightly drunk McCallum performing two songs live with a slightly drunker John Martyn". One song was Sweet Little Mystery.

Production: John Warwick
Director: Maria Blake

Fin de Siglo

26 Sep 1987

During the Foundations Tour, John also visited Spain. For RTVE he recorded at least two tracks live in the studio, with the full band.
John plays a white guitar; Foster Paterson keyboards, Arran Ahmun drums, and probably David Ball on fretless bass.
Angeline lasts 5 minutes, Over the Rainbow two and a half.

Ohne Filter (3)

1 Apr 1986

10 minutes
Band appearance not identical with the 45 minute special (the Laserdisk), but taken from same concert. I also found an 'Ohne Filter extra' broadcast by WDR on Sunday 22 June 1986 that apparently lasted more than two hours.


No. 73

1 Jan 1986

Saturday morning TV programme for children; John played Lonely Love and Serendipity and participated in some games.

Production: John Dale, Tim Edmunds
Directors: J. Nigel Pickard, Liddy Oldroyd


Odd Arvid Strømstad
1 Feb 1985

Live tv registration in first episode of Zting. John performs three songs with Foster Paterson: Sweet Little Mystery, Dealer and Over The Rainbow.

Zting saw six episodes and John was a main guest in the first one. He gets a two minute interview with presenter Petter Nome first and is in top form. Other artists were R.E.M, Blind Date and Beranek.

Host: Petter Nome, Anne Grete Preus
Director: Odd Arvid Strømstad
Producer: Håkon Skogrand


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