TV recording

Transatlantic Sessions I

Mike Alexander
BBC Scotland
5 Apr 1996

Brief TV appearances in Scottish series of 30 minute films. "Musicians Aly Bain from Shetland and Jay Ungar from New York are joined by top country singers, musicians and songwriters from Scotland, Ireland and Norht America." The series was a Pelicula Films production for BBC Scotland, "filmed on the Atlantic Coast of Scotland" at the Montgreenan Mansion House Hotel, Kilwinning, Ayrshire.

Hosts: Aly Bain, Jay Ungar
Production: Douglas Eadie
Director: Mike Alexander

VH-1 Suzanne

1 Jun 1995

In June 1995 John performed Suzanne live in the VH-1 studios.
John plays acoustic guitar and is accompanied by Alan Thomson on bass and a conga player who might be Gaspar Lawal.
The song is introduced with a misspelled 'Susan' and lasts four and a half minutes (4:26). Halfway through Alan plays a sober but impressive bass solo.

Only one VHS home recording of this show survives which was on YouTube briefly, shortly after John died.
A couple of inferior copies taken from that still circulate.



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