Back Street Crawler

Paul Kossoff
16 Nov 1973
The Bottom Line:

Contains Time Away, part of an impromptu jam between the two guitar players.

Track is spin-off of failed attempt to record single version of May You Never.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9264
Vinyl: Island/ Festival L-35066 (Australia, 1974)
CD: Island IMCD 84

Thank You For

Bridget St. John
1 Jan 1972
The Bottom Line:

Fine album with Fly High as outstanding song.

John plays subtle echoplex guitar on just this track and is also credited:
"John Martyn, courtesy of Island Records, electric and accoustic [sic] guitars on Fly High"

Vinyl: Dandelion 2310 193
CD: See For Miles SEECD 428 (1 Jun 1995, 8 live bonus tracks)
CD: Cherry Red CDMRED286 (14 Nov 2005)

Ask Me No Questions

Bridget St. John
1 Sep 1969
The Bottom Line:

John plays guitar on two tracks; early work in the vein of London Conversation.

Vinyl: Dandelion D9 101
Vinyl: Action 63750
CD: See For Miles SEECD408 (29 Sep 1994)
CD: Cherry Red CDMRED282 (14 Nov 2005)


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