Balance And Control

8 Nov 1980
The Bottom Line:

Only album John has produced for another artist.

Recorded and mixed at Keystone Studios, Dublin; engineered by Andrew Boland assisted by John Grimes.

"Special thanks to John Dunford, Gerry Harford, Caragh Coote, Clive and Chris."

Vinyl: WEA K 58205

Harmony Of The Spheres

Neil Ardley
1 Jan 1979
The Bottom Line:

John does not take much space in the jazz-rock domain.

Instrumental compositions played by British jazz rock musicians led by Neil Ardley (26 May 1937 - 23 February 2004).

Vinyl: Decca TXS-R133 (blue label)
Vinyl: Decca 6.23985 (Germany, red label)
Vinyl: Decca TXS 3153 (Spain)
CD: Decca POCJ-2838 (Japan, 2000)
CD: Esoteric Records eclec2096 (UK, 24 Nov 2008)


John Stevens' Away
4 Jun 1976
The Bottom Line:

Bit too spontaneous jam effort with interesting jazz artist that played drums during Live At Leeds gigs.

John Martyn on guitar [and vocals].

Vinyl 7": Vertigo 6059 140
Also on LP: Superbeeb BEDP 001
2CD: Beat Goes On BGOCD1198 (bonus tracks)

Man In The Hills

Burning Spear
1 Jan 1976
The Bottom Line:

Physical but little proof of John's sabbatical in Jamaica.

Regular reggae album, meaning two chords and little room for guitar.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9412
CD: Mango RRCD 15 846 565-2

Right Side Up

Ralph McTell
1 Jan 1976
The Bottom Line:

Some modest echoplex on one song only. Also contains May You Never cover.

Vinyl: Warner K 56296
Vinyl: Mays Records TG 002 (1982)
CD: Leola TPGCD19 (2001)

Back Street Crawler

Paul Kossoff
16 Nov 1973
The Bottom Line:

Contains Time Away, part of an impromptu jam between the two guitar players.

Track is spin-off of failed attempt to record single version of May You Never.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9264
Vinyl: Island/ Festival L-35066 (Australia, 1974)
CD: Island IMCD 84

Thank You For

Bridget St. John
1 Jan 1972
The Bottom Line:

Fine album with Fly High as outstanding song.

John plays subtle echoplex guitar on just this track and is also credited:
"John Martyn, courtesy of Island Records, electric and accoustic [sic] guitars on Fly High"

Vinyl: Dandelion 2310 193
CD: See For Miles SEECD 428 (1 Jun 1995, 8 live bonus tracks)
CD: Cherry Red CDMRED286 (14 Nov 2005)


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