9 Sep 1991
The Bottom Line:

Interesting album with often spontaneous lyrics and John exploring his vocal technique, adding the Choking Horse to his Strangled Duck from 1986.

Vinyl: Permanent PERM LP4
Vinyl: Hypertension HYLP 200116 (150 gr superior quality pressing, strictly limited edition 2000 copies)
CD: Permanent PERM CD4 or CD004
CD: Hypertension HYCD 200116 (Ariola/ARIS 883811)
CD: One World OW103CD (1 June 2001)
CD: Indelible Records INDELCD11 (US)

The Apprentice

1 Mar 1990
The Bottom Line:

Some ballads, some rock songs on first and well produced album on new record label. Too little guitar, too much keyboard bursts.

Vinyl: Permanent PERM LP1
Vinyl: Hypertension HYLP 200 110 (Germany)
Vinyl: BMG Ariola ARIS 831 541 (Germany)
Vinyl: DRO 4D-0778 (Spain)
CD: Permanent PERM CD1
CD: One World OW104CD (1 June 2001)
CD: Indelible Records INDELCD1 (US)
CD: Sony CSCS 5214 (Japan)


1 Oct 1987
The Bottom Line:

Well if not slick produced live album with new and at the time unreleased songs.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9884
Vinyl: Island 90853 (US)
Vinyl: Island ISL 1161 (Canada)
Vinyl: Island Festival L38726 (Australia)
Vinyl: Island 208 704 (Germany, Holland)
CD: Island CID 9884
CD: Island IMCD 180 (April 1994)
CD: Island 7 90853-2 (US)

Piece By Piece

24 Feb 1986
The Bottom Line:

Foster Paterson's finest hour and Island's last massive attempt to push Martyn into the mainstream of popular music.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9807
Vinyl: Island 90507-1 (US)
Vinyl: Island ISL 1083 (Canada)
Vinyl: Island L 38516 (Australia)
Vinyl: Island 826788-1 (France)
Vinyl: Island 207 634-630 (Germany, Holland)
Vinyl: General Music Co BAN 129807 (Israel)
CD: Island IMCD 68 (826 788-2) (April 1990)
CD: Island IMCD 68 (826 788-2) (April 1990)


15 Nov 1984
The Bottom Line:

John's Bahama trip contains fine songs in a smooth production. The eighties in full swing, so prepare for a lot of keyboards.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9779
Vinyl: Island 206578-620 (Germany)
Vinyl: Island 90248-1 (US)
Vinyl: Island L-38276 (Australia)
CD: Island IMCD 164 (822 971-2) (March 1993)


1 Nov 1983
The Bottom Line:

The most electrifying electrical live album that John produced and that should be played LOUD.

Vinyl: 'Body Swerve' JMLP001 (Nov 1983, independent)
Vinyl: DOJO LP 26 (Mar 1986)
CD: Castle Communications DOJOCD 26 (Jul 1986)
CD: Blueprint BP275CD (1997)

Well Kept Secret

1 Aug 1982
The Bottom Line:

The ironical album: generally considered to be John's worst, leaving out Couldn't Love You More, it was in the charts for seven weeks and reached the top 20.

Vinyl: WEA 99 255
Vinyl: Duke 90021-1 (US)
Vinyl: Atlantic 90021-1
CD: WEA 2292-53063-2 (1997)
CD: Warner M111023
CD: Warner WPCR-2107 (Japan, June 1998, remastered & expanded)
CD: WEA 2564-69484-5 (Rhino Encore series, 2008)
CD: Esoteric Records ECLEC 2445 (2014, remastered & expanded)

Glorious Fool

11 Sep 1981
The Bottom Line:

First album without Island and a good effort towards commercial success without compromising the musical quality.

Vinyl: WEA 99 178
Vinyl: WEA K99178 (Germany)
Vinyl: Duke DU 19345 (US)
Vinyl: XWEA 99178 (Canada)
Vinyl: SHIN SEI SS1006 (Taiwan)
CD: WEA 2292-53064-2 WE 835
CD: Warner WPCR 2106 (Japan, June 1998)
CD: WEA 2564-69484-6 (Rhino Encore Series, 2008)

Grace & Danger

13 Oct 1980
The Bottom Line:

The heartbreak album and one of John's personal favourites. Phil Collins blends in well and subtle Weather Report influences result in a sophisticated sound.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9560
Vinyl: Island SMAS 9560 (US)
Vinyl: Island ILPS 19560 (Italy)
Vinyl: Island Antilles AN 7081 (Canada)
Vinyl: Phonogram 6313 160 (France)
Vinyl: Island 202 932 (Germany/ Holland)
Vinyl: Simply Vinyl SVLP 0174 (25 Feb 2000, 180gr)
CD: Island CID 9560 (May 1987)
CD: Island IMCD 67

One World

4 Nov 1977
The Bottom Line:

John's most convincing electrical album with great songs and fine musicians. Unfortunately it came out in the middle of the punk wave.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9492
Vinyl: Island SMAS 9492 (US)
Vinyl: Island ILPS 19492 (Italy)
Vinyl: Island Festival L36457 (Australia)
Vinyl: Island ILPM 9492 (Sep 1986)
Vinyl: Antilles Island AN 7081 (Canada)
Vinyl: Island 9123 027 (France)
CD: Island CID 9492 (Sep 1986)
CD: Island IMCD 86 (842 555-2)


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