Glorious Fool - Duke DU 19345

13 Jun 1982
Daily Record
Jim Bohen

Duke DU 19345

After 11 albums, renegade English folksinger John Martyn remains virtually unknown in the U.S. But all that may change with GLORIOUS FOOL, thanks to the patronage of Genesis drummer Phil Collins, who produced the album for Genesis' new Duke label.

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Glorious Fool

Glorious Fool - Duke DU 19345

9 May 1982
Hartford Courant
Colin McEnroe

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The cuts on Glorious Fool can be easily divided into two categories: the ones that could be played quite comfortably on a soft-rock station like WIOF and the ones that couldn't be played much of anywhere, except on a college station with special programs for people on downers.

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Glorious Fool

Grace & Danger - Antilles AN 7081

11 Apr 1981
Journal Herald
Terry Lawson

Terry Lawson on sounds

One of pop's true originals is the British-bred Martyn, who began his career as something of a ballad-oriented folkie, but by incorporating a spatial jazz into his free-form compositions, settled on a style totally unique to these ears

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Grace & Danger


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