Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall, 19 Nov 2008

20 Nov 2008
Glasgow Herald
Rob Adams

John Martyn, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

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Was it just me or was there something especially rejuvenated about John Martyn as he played Jelly Roll Blues, having completed the advertised revisiting of his classic Grace and Danger LP? It was as if, having been back in a dark time of divorce and general derangement, he wanted to get the hell out of Dodge, with an acoustic guitar serving as his horse and a lothario's recklessness his urgent destination.

BBC 6 Music

Shaun Keaveny
BBC 6 Music

During his November 2008 tour John was shortly interviewed in the Thistle City Barbican Hotel lobby near the London Barbican theatre. Host for BBC 6 music is Shaun Keaveny.

London, Barbican, 10 Nov 2008

11 Nov 2008
Daily Telegraph
Mark Skipworth

John Martyn, Grace and Danger Live: he's the guv'nor

Mark Skipworth reviews John Martyn, Grace and Danger Live at the Barbican in London

All the greats have got one: that painful, intense, atmospheric studio album that was so emotionally demanding to make that it could rarely, if ever, be recreated in live performance.

Ain't No Saint

1 Nov 2008
Mojo #180
Phil Sutcliffe

John Martyn


Ain't No Saint


Compiled with due devotion, a 4-CD box set of faves, unearthed lives and outtakes.

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Ain't No Saint

Ain't No Saint

1 Nov 2008
Record Collector
Terry Staunton

A national treasure whose importance and influence has never been reflected in sales, Martyn's exhaustive back catalogue is brimful of genuinely pioneering approaches to folk and jazz.

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Ain't No Saint


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