Old Grey Whistle Test (1)

18 Jan 1972

This is an obscure performance and in fact probably the oldest TV recording made of John.
Artists listed are Bell & Arc, John Martyn.

Henry Pond reports: "I saw John on OGWT in a session which I think must have been earlier than the 13th March 73. He was playing solo, the tracks were Bless The Weather and (I'm guessing) Glistening Glyndebourne. I still have the (mono) cassette somewhere complete with background whistle where I recorded the program via microphone in front of the TV speaker."

Martyn: Between Head and Heart

Andrew Means
Melody Maker

MUSICIANS are generally expected to progress, and 'progress' often means change.
The resulting preconceptions as to what a musician should be doing and where that should be leading to is sometimes the very thing that blocks his path. John Martyn, for instance, has for some months been holding the reins of acoustic and electric music. Since the two styles sound so diverse it's a wonder that he has not concentrated entirely on the latter, the newer aspect of his playing.


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