John and Beverley Martyn

Beat Instrumental #85

JOE BOYD has been responsible for bringing to our attention a number of brilliant musicians. People don't talk much about 'discovering' artists these days, but that's what Boyd did for the Incredible String Band and Fairport Convention. His latest venture has been to produce the first album by John and Beverley Martyn, Stormbringer!, a record which has been hailed by the discerning as one of the best to emerge this year.

Top Gear

4 Apr 1970

I found one reference to a BBC session for Top Gear that is supposed to have taken place 4 April 1970 but I haven't been able to confirm that yet.

Stormbringer! - Island ILPS 9113

1 Mar 1970
Record Song Book

Some time ago we were mightily impressed with an album called The Tumbler by a Glasgow-born folksinger/ guitarist named JOHN MARTYN. John, a quiet sensitive boy, wrote gentle songs of love and birds, flowers and trees, and he sang them to his guitar as he travelled the country. Then he met Beverley who came from Coventry and who also sang pretty songs. They fell in love, married, and now they're making music together. All of which brings us to this new album Stormbringer on Island ILPS 9113. It's by John and Beverley and it's an attention-grabber from beginning to end.

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