Inside Out advert

6 Oct 1973
Melody Maker

This one page advert was printed in Melody Maker of 6 October 1973 (page 21). It contains 23 tour dates, most of them with Danny Thompson.

A new album | John Martyn Inside Out
Album No ILPS 9253, Cassette No ZCI 9253 and Cartridge No Y8I 9253
Produced by John Martyn

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A Happy Man...

Dave Neale
Supersnazz #2

Talking with John Martyn

SS:- What sort of things have influenced you?
JM:- Alcohol, drugs, everyday life and all the music I've ever heard. I don't have any major influences at the moment. I can tell you the records I listen to more than any others, Alice Coltrane1 mostly. If I want to dance and get drunk I listen to Tamla [Motown records] and I listen to Stevie Wonder if I want to bop about and get nicely stoned; I feel most comfortable, most harmonious, must musical with Alice Coltrane, that's really the one that's on all the time. My desert island disc. And also Leon Thomas' record, the one with Wayne Shorter.... oh, and Weather Report are the best band in the world. Just exceptional.

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Island Sampler [1973]

1 Oct 1973
The Bottom Line:

Long promo sampler from Inside Out period

"Promotional copy not for resale"
island records ltd
22 st peters square
london w6 9nw

I had to estimate the release date but based on the releases involved, it was probably around October 1st 1973.

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Vinyl: Island 16

Inside Out - Island ILPS 9253

29 Sep 1973
New Musical Express
Ian MacDonald

"Inside Out" (Island)

YOU COULD SAY that the post decadence rock scene is structured rather like the society of ants: a hangover of old drones twittering away behind last year's plump queens - and a few lean workers here and there trying to rebuild the crumbling territory.

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Inside Out

Focus on

Record Mirror

JOHN MARTYN is one of the richest musical performers on the current scene. His roots meld traditional folk and blues aspects with the frontiers of jazz.

The Stormbringer Comes Into The Sun

Ian MacDonald
New Musical Express

JOHN MARTYN has made six albums, two with his wife Beverly, and after seven years he's just coming out into the sun. Critics in both Britain and America have been talking about him for a long time, and groups and singers record his songs - numbers like Would You Believe Me?, Bless The Weather, John The Baptist, Stormbringer, and his signature-tune Head And Heart.

BBC Radio

25 Apr 1973

6 minutes.
Good version of Rather Be The Devil with stereo effects, recorded BBC Langham Studios, London.

BBC6 claimed 2004 this 'Devil Got My Woman' to be the oldest surviving recording in their archives.


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