The Stormbringer Comes Into The Sun

Ian MacDonald
New Musical Express

JOHN MARTYN has made six albums, two with his wife Beverly, and after seven years he's just coming out into the sun. Critics in both Britain and America have been talking about him for a long time, and groups and singers record his songs - numbers like Would You Believe Me?, Bless The Weather, John The Baptist, Stormbringer, and his signature-tune Head And Heart.

BBC Radio

25 Apr 1973

6 minutes.
Good version of Rather Be The Devil with stereo effects, recorded BBC Langham Studios, London.

BBC6 claimed 2004 this 'Devil Got My Woman' to be the oldest surviving recording in their archives.

Inside Out - Island ILPS 9253

1 Mar 1973
Supersnazz #2

Reviewing this sort of album is a bit like dissecting a meat pie after you've eaten it. I could resort to pages of pseudo intellectual wofflé, or I could do Charles Shaar Murray and wax effusively. The safest bet is to say that this album is superb, and Ain't No Saint and Make No Mistake sum the whole album up. There's some thing for everyone here. So this can't be bad at all.

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Inside Out

Solid Air advert

24 Feb 1973

This advert supported the release of Solid Air. At the bottom nine tour dates for March have been included. This served to reconstruct the publishing date.
The last two dates, Slough College of Technology 23rd and Euston Shaw Theatre 25th, must have been cancelled as John was touring the US at that time.

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