Blood, Sweat and Cheers

Vivien Goldman

The agony and the ecstacy on tour with John Martyn. First aid by VIVIEN GOLDMAN.

JOHN MARTYN rivets attention performing. You'd be wrong in assuming that just because he's one-man-with-a-guitar he doesn't make every crevice of the stage swing.

Up To Date with John Martyn

Andy Childs
ZigZag magazine #70

Only six weeks or so gone, and already it looks as if 1977 is going to be a cracker of a year for rock music! In the month of January alone we had superb albums from Spirit and David Bowie plus the exceptional music of Ry Cooder and his band at the Hammersmith Odeon, and February promises long-awaited albums from Neil Young and Roy Harper, with the latter about to return to the road with his new band Chips.

York, University, 4 February 1977

26 Feb 1977
New Musical Express
John Hamblett

John Martyn

SO THERE was I, one o'clock in the morning, getting into a vicious Hell's Angel rhythm, occasionally putting the book down to examine the current metamorphosis of my carefully cultivated Sonny Barger leer in the mirror. I was just working up a fine sense of righteous brotherhood with the Outlaw Bikers, when uninvited and unprovoked the first evil tremors of a full scale assault of Bad Conscience forced me to take up my present position behind the loathsome typewriter.

The NME Book of Rock 2

Nick Logan, Bob Woffinden
W.H. Allen & Co, London 1977, ISBN 0 352 39715 2

Glasgow-born, Martyn spent later 1960s building reputation on folk-circuit with albums like (1) and (2), before (3), recorded in the U.S. A. with members of The Band, brought him to wider attention.

Player Of The Month

Beat Instrumental

John Martyn

Fans of John Martyn have probably noticed that the genial songster has been a little elusive of late. We decided that it was about time we brought him out into the open and got some straight answers about what he's been up to for the last year.


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