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I SAW John Martyn on Sight And Sound In Concert1 and was amazed at the sounds he got from his acoustic guitar. What did he use to achieve these effects? If he used a special gadget, how does it work? – Neil Sutherland, Finchley, London N12.

This man is a walking, playing bag of his own

Chris Salewicz
New Musical Express

"Actually," admits John Martyn, as he gives in to one of the great groundswells of spluttering, infectious laughter that carry along his speech, "I see myself as a dignified observer of the music business. I feel a bit like a voyeur sometimes. I just flit in and out. I really" -now he's offering great howls of very honest laughter- "don't want much to do with it."

One World advert

10 Dec 1977
New Musical Express

This full page advert quotes two reviews, one from Melody Maker's Monty Smith (19 November) and one from Vivien Goldman (Sounds, 26 November). This places the earliest possible publishing date at 3 December.

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London, Rainbow Theatre, 21 Nov 1977

3 Dec 1977
New Musical Express
Steve Clarke

John Martyn

PRESUMABLY, John Martyn, who's been around so long even his most devoted followers must take him for granted, doesn't give a monkey's toss about Making It In A Big Way, but there's still no excuses for the performer's lackadaisical attitude at the Rainbow last Monday.1
That the gig was still enjoyable, if hardly stimulating and occasionally dull (when Martyn, augmented by electric back-up, failed to extract any inspiration from his musicians on several pieces of rifferama), is a measure of Martyn's talent rather than his personality.

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