One World series

22 Apr 1978

The release of One World was supported with various kind of advertisements. These series of one column ads are original in their approach and ran in several leading music magazines, mostly on the same day (22 April 1978).
Left to right:
Ad #1 was published in Melody Maker, #2 also Melody Maker.
Ad #3 is pulled from Sounds while #4 was found in the New Musical Express.

The text goes
"Here's just a couple of tracks to woo yah... there's six more on 'One World' that'll really wow ya!

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Root Love

Steve Burgess
Dark Star #13 (Vol 3 issue 1)

All right, I'll come clean, never heard London Conversation. But, I remember when summer seemed primal and pagan and hearing John Martyn spinning out a thread of gently-crackpot whimsey called Sing A Song Of Summer from the album The Tumbler on Johnny 'Guru' Peel's show 1) way back sometime then and snaffling a copy of that artifact with all due schoolboy speed.

One World - Island ILPS 9492

24 Jan 1978
Dave Belbin


NOW this is a beauty. At first appearances, One World is not standard Martyn fare - glossy cover and a slick production job. But it's a very warm, full-sounding album, feels synonymous with an armchair before an open fire, somewhat stoned, keeping the cold winter at bay.

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One World

John Martyn: Talking through Solid Air

Dave Belbin

THE release of One World, coupled with John Martyn's second appearance in Nottingham this year, seemed good reason to renew a slight acquaintance with the man, by the way of an interview for this tome. Tempting as it is to devote the music pages' entire space to Mr Martyn, discretion prevails, so what follows is a match-of-the-day edited highlights, with commentary left to a minimum.


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