Grace & Danger – Island ILPS 9560

1 Nov 1980
Melody Maker
John Orme

Martyn Seduces

JOHN MARTYN: "Grace And Danger" (Island ILPS 9560)
John Martyn has founded a fluctuating career on musical obstinacy, and years of dogged devotion to his own cause and purpose have paid off with recent albums of improving excellence. Grace And Danger continues the tenacious trend, rooting itself in the elegant creativity of One World, but working with more joy as an improving musical whole – at time the blending of Martyn's voice and guitar, John Giblin's beautiful bass and Phil Collins' immaculate drumming is, simply, breathtaking.

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Grace & Danger

Grace & Danger

13 Oct 1980
The Bottom Line:

The heartbreak album and one of John's personal favourites. Phil Collins blends in well and subtle Weather Report influences result in a sophisticated sound.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9560
Vinyl: Island SMAS 9560 (US)
Vinyl: Island ILPS 19560 (Italy)
Vinyl: Island Antilles AN 7081 (Canada)
Vinyl: Phonogram 6313 160 (France)
Vinyl: Island 202 932 (Germany/ Holland)
Vinyl: Simply Vinyl SVLP 0174 (25 Feb 2000, 180gr)
CD: Island CID 9560 (May 1987)
CD: Island IMCD 67

Falkirk, Burns Bar, 9 Jan 1980

28 Jan 1980
Sandy Bell's Broadsheet
Sandy Colquhoun

SANDY COLQUHOUN of Falkirk writes:
The Burns Folk Club, Burns Bar, Vicar Street, Falkirk, has got off to a flying start (on January 9) with Hamish Imlach providing a cracker of a night – John Martyn dropped in and did a floor spot.

On January 16 Kentigern played to a full house, thus filling us with hope for the future. […]

John Neil Munro clarifies: Sandy Bell's is a famous pub/ folk venue in Edinburgh. The broadsheet was out fortnightly with news from folk clubs around Scotland.

John Martyn [Now!]

Pop Music
John Martyn

Guitar students have few British solo heroes, but the Scotsman John Martyn comes close to claiming the crown as one of our best and most revered players. He straddles many styles, keeps impeccable musical company, and should have no trouble in filling London's Royal Festival Hall with many admirers on September 22.1

South Bank Show (Harmony Of The Spheres)

Peter Walker
ITV | London Weekend Television
21 Jan 1979

30 minutes
Episode #30, season 2 episode 6.
Programme looking at the eclectic music style of composer Neil Ardley. Features a group of musicians including John Martyn, Ian Carr, Tony Coe and Barbara Thompson playing music from Ardley's latest album `The Harmony of the Spheres'.

Production: Nick Elliott
Director: Peter Walker

Love is the Bug

John Orme
Melody Maker

... for John Martyn, pacifist, anti-Nazi and tough little Good Guy. JOHN ORME copped a few likely quotes from the man himself on the eve of his new British tour.


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