Johnny Done Badly

Chris Salewicz
New Musical Express

Over a wee dram o'champagne, John Martyn meditates on life, loyalty, loneliness and love's labours lost.
Sympathetic ears: Chris Salewicz
Eyes: Jean-Bernard Sohiez

Glorious Fool advert

10 Oct 1981
New Musical Express

This advert was printed on page 33 of the New Musical Express, 10 October 1981. It contains 14 tour dates.
The same issue of the magazine featured an interview with Chris Salewicz, Johnny Done Badly. And a review...

on tour with guests


One of this year's (any year's) finest.
Melody Maker

One of the most genuinely passionate records of the year.
Record Mirror

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A Fool's Time For Glory?

Steve Sutherland
Melody Maker

Steve Sutherland slips on his rose-tinted glasses and pops along to hero-worship JOHN MARTYN. Half-tones: Janette Beckman.

YOU'LL have read, no doubt, from time to time, the type of image-boosting tripe we hacks dish out in a bid to force some fab new fad on the world's affection just to gloat in reflected hip glory. You've probably even taken the bait occasionally, enticed by the fashion, reputation and one-upmanship of novelty.

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Please Fall In Love With Me – Warner WEA 79243

19 Sep 1981
Record Mirror
Sunie Fletcher

JOHN MARTYN: 'Please Fall In Love With Me' (WEA). Slow, unexciting exercise, rendered even less successful by a Phil Collins production that shoves Martyn's remarkable voice to the back and has a bleeding great drum thumping away in the thick of it and drowning all else out. Sounds suspiciously like Collins' horrible gurgley voice on backing vocals, too; why can't he be content with boring half the world to death with his own wretched records?

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Please Fall In Love With Me | Don't You Go

John Martyn | end of the one man band?

Peter Murphy
International Musician & Recording World

John Martyn gets filed under M for Miscellaneous when it comes to the mainstream categories of popular music. His eclectic style has taken in traditional Scottish folk, picked up on blues, jazz and dub on the way, all the while retaining a distinctive personal feel. He must rank among the most unique guitar stylists this country has produced.


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