Ain't No Saint

1 Nov 2008
Rock 'n' Reel
Colin Hall

Whatever there was in the water at Cousins -heart of 60s London's folk music happenings- it was potent stuff that helped spawn a scene.

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Ain't No Saint

State Of Grace

Richard Smirke
The Big Issue North

"I was something of a hoodlum, yes," laughs a severely understated John Martyn when asked about his wild, infamously debauched past, which for decades encompassed chronic alcohol and drug addiction, endless womanising and a constant supply of headaches, heartache and, presumably, gargantuan hangovers, for everyone in his life.

Echo-loving Folk Curmudgeon

Rob Young

UNCUT: What do you think of the anthology?
JOHN MARTYN: I haven't heard it... I keep as far away from all that stuff, man. As soon as I've finished it, it's gone. I love playing live, you know? It's actually a stricter discipline than being in the studio, because you only get one shot at the gig, whereas in the studio you get loads of shots.

Ain't No Saint

7 Sep 2008
The Independent
Nick Coleman

Album: John Martyn, Ain't No Saint (Island)

Reviewed by Nick Coleman

Four discs, two live, two studio, the latter comprising 34 songs, a dozen of which are unreleased – a decent enough way to reflect on an extraordinary career on the eve of the artist's 60th birthday.

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Ain't No Saint

Ain't No Saint

1 Sep 2008
Rob Young

John Martyn
Outtakes and unreleased live recordings shine new light on the angels and demons at war in a 40-year career
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Ain't No Saint

John Martyn: Solid Gold

Christopher Barrett
Music Week

Forty years of living life to its fullest has supplied John Martyn his fair share of both high and low points - the past 12 months alone have seen the singer/songwriter recieve a wealth of awards and also contract pneumonia. But with an array of remasters and a new studio album in the pipeline, the future looks positively rosy for the evergreen star.

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Liverpool, Arena, 14 Jul 2008

15 Jul 2008
Liverpool Daily Post
Richard Down

MUSIC REVIEW: Bill Wyman and his Rhythm Kings, Summer Pops, Liverpool

DR HOOK frontman Dennis Locorriere was a surprise addition to former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings gig at the Arena last night. He joined legendary guitarist Albert Lee and the taciturn bassist on stage as part of the nine-piece outfit that ripped through 20 songs.

The pros and cons of JOHN MARTYN

Aaron Lavery

Pro: One of the most influential and innovative folk musicians of the 1970s, Martyn introduced elements of jazz and blues into his sound: without his classic albums Bless The Weather and Solid Air, it's arguable that there'd be no Tunng, Four Tet or even Portishead.

Con: He's also responsible for the plague of guitar-tapping, loop-pedal-wielding idiots who batter our ears in the name of folk. Thanks, Mr Martyn, for Newton Faulkner.


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