Could have been held..

This poster reminded me of the fun people used to have at the John Martyn gatherings in the North. After one year of isolation and cancellations, it really feels like we are missing something here. My wife and I have excellent memories of the Januari meetings in the Clutha and we were planning to come to Yorkshire in June. But all that went under in the corona waves and subsequent lockdowns.


John Martyn: The Devil Inside

Jonny Jobson
The National

For decades he made some of the most beautiful music Scotland has ever produced, yet his life was haunted by demons which tore apart his marriage and drove him to drink. Now the album which documented his divorce in heartbreaking detail is to be celebrated at Celtic Connections. Jonny Jobson reflects on the grace and danger of a true genius.

The Best Of The Island Years

1 Dec 2014
Record Collector #434
Oregano Rathbone

If you were too strapped or scared to commit to last year's Brobdingnagian 18-disc Island Years box set, this comparatively svelte four-disc iteration creams off the most noteworthy alternate takes, epochal live performances and rarities featured on its corpulent parent.

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The Best Of The Island Years


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