No Gathering this year..

The 2021 edition of the John Martyn Gathering has been cancelled. The last weekend of June option could not go ahead because of the prolongued covid measures, and after examining the possibilities of the weekend of July 23rd one had to conclude that too many people would not be able to attend at a one month's notice. So the next chance to meet fellow Johnkies is probably going to be next January in Glasgow.


John Martyn: The Devil Inside

Jonny Jobson
The National

For decades he made some of the most beautiful music Scotland has ever produced, yet his life was haunted by demons which tore apart his marriage and drove him to drink. Now the album which documented his divorce in heartbreaking detail is to be celebrated at Celtic Connections. Jonny Jobson reflects on the grace and danger of a true genius.

The Bass Business

Chris Glen | ISBN 1326982753

In 1978 I got a call from a drummer called Timi Donald, who'd been in the Pathfinders in Glasgow. He told me, 'John Martyn is looking for you. I'm playing with him – would you mind coming in? He's doing production work for Grace & Danger.' I was getting £100 a day for production, which at that time was fantastic.


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