'Without my beard I look like Bill Sykes'

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JOHN MARTYN was born in Glasgow in 1948, though never a great commercial success, John Martyn's eccentric brand of folk, elliptical songwriting, intimately bluesy singing, jazz flavoured music, has held steady appeal for critics and artists. Producing over 19 albums, John Martyn has proved himself a man of exceptional talent. He appeared in Galway on Friday, March 7th playing in Leisureland, beginning at 9.45 p.m. John Martyn played until 11.35.

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John Martyn makes one of his rare solo concert appearances at the Castle, Salthill, on Saturday 15th, at 9 p.m. His last appearance here was at the ill fated Lisdoonvarna Festival.

Grace & Danger – Island ILPS 9560

5 Dec 1980
Hot Press
Dermot Stokes

The Mighty Martyn

A new album by John Martyn has become a rare enough event these past few years. Too rare, his admirers will say, because Martyn is one of the great figures of modern music, a man of mighty skills, powerful vision and an uncompromising commitment to doing things his way.

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Grace & Danger

Balance And Control

8 Nov 1980
The Bottom Line:

Only album John has produced for another artist.

Recorded and mixed at Keystone Studios, Dublin; engineered by Andrew Boland assisted by John Grimes.

"Special thanks to John Dunford, Gerry Harford, Caragh Coote, Clive and Chris."

Vinyl: WEA K 58205


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