In Search Of Anna

Esben Storm
18 Sep 1978


One of many road movies.

John composed part of the score. Other contributions from Alan Stivell, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo.

Producer: Esben Storm
Director: Esben Storm
Actors: Richard Moir, Judy Morris, Chris Haywood, Bill Hunter
Active Home Video, A226 (US)

John Martyn [Roadrunner]

Roadrunner Vol 1 #5

John Martyn has just finished his second tour of Australia.1 He says he'd like to do many more. In fact he'd like to tour more often and give up recording. He's back in England now, finishing off an album with British jazz-man Neil Ardley, and beginning work on his new set. The Ardley album, The Harmony Of The Spheres, is, says Martyn, "very jazzing... maybe a little bit straighter than Kaleidoscope Of Rainbows. Not much straighter. In fact it might even be further out - it depends what you're into."

Melbourne, Dallas Brooks Hall, 19 Jul 1978

19 Jul 1978
The Age
Mark Daly

His fingers didn't leave his hands


John Martyn grits his teeth, rocks back on his chair and rolls his guitar across his knee as a wave of sustained notes surges through Dallas Brooks Hall. The scene is Wednesday night's concert. He is playing Inside Out [sic], a stunning combination of virtuosity on amplified acoustic guitar involving the use of Echoplex, wah-wah pedal, stereo projection and lyricism. The concert, a blend of folk, rock and Caribbean influences, was a success.

Canberra, Canberra Theatre, 13 Jul 1978

15 Jul 1978
Canberra Times
Bronwyn Watson

Martyn stylish but low-key

All the ingredients were there -an extremely talented guitarist and a dedicated audience- but the atmosphere was flat at the John Martyn concert on Thursday night. Martyn is a British guitarist who cannot be classified as a pure folk musician but is an interesting mixture of folk, blues and electrical effects.

Australian Tour July 1978

Tour program

The tour program counts 16 pages. The first page is for record company advertisements, page 3 gives the tour dates, and page 4 a peculiar advert for the 'Moke Californian' buggy. The following pages are for John's career description, carrying six Island publicity photos. One additional page features eight review clippings and another page an advert for a 'Salute to Satchmo' jazz tour with the Graeme Bell Band. Supporting act Margret Roadknight gets a page towards the and and the booklet closes with tour production credits and a TAA airline ad.


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