Universal Funk Orchestra tribute, 11 October

They're playing the whole of Solid Air in The Button Factory.

Taken from Hotpress.com, 25 Sep 2009

Fresh from tackling Radiohead’s The Bends, The Universal Funk Orchestra perform the whole of John Martyn’s Solid Air on October 11 in The Button Factory (Dublin).

The roll call for the night includes musicians Max Greenwood, Dave McGuinness, Paul Carter, Garvan Gallagher, Kevin Kinney and Paul Byrne, and Karenrosanna Hammond who’ll be singing with both a heavy heart and a light head.

Given that Martyn wrote Solid Air’s title-track for him, the UFO-ers will also be encoring with a song by fellow folkie Nick Drake.

Tickets are € 10 before 9.30pm and € 12 after.
The Button Factory is new name of the refurbished Temple Bar Music Centre that opened October 2007.