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Looking for John Martyn articles in:

Melody Maker 1970-02-28; 1972-01-29; 1972-02-19; 1973-10-27; 1975-03-01; 1975-07-12; 1978-11-04; 1981-09-19; 1982-10-23
Nuggets #7 April/ May 1977. "Ace shu Herman Eugen Beer (of CAMRA?) rapped briefly with the revitalised John Martyn recently. Here's what went down."
Deja Vu magazine #3 (1977)
CD Review magazine (1986), interview, Angeline review and competition
Musician Magazine #168.
Jamm #19 - (Journal of Australian Music & Musicians) interview from late seventies
Irish Press, 3 Dec 1981, 'Martyn's Anarchy', Brian Bell interviews John Martyn, 'something of a musical explorer'
Beat Magazine, March 1986 (Johnny Lydon cover): one page interview.
Fachblatt Magazin (D), July 1986.
Boy Music (weekly from Corriere della Sera) Vol XI #48 – 2 Dec 1982: two pages on John Martyn in Italian
Suono/ Music Box #46 (Italy), Article by Andrea Carpi.
Buscadero (Italy), November 2008 (Tracy Chapman cover)
Disco Express (Spain), 28 June 1974. One page black/white feature about John.
Music World #17 (25 Aug 1982) (unconfirmed).
Schlager #2 (Sweden) (26 Feb 1985) John Martyns kreativa kriser. Two page interview by Håkan Lahger, picture Nina Ericson.
Vrij Nederland (Netherlands), Vol 46, 20 Apr 1985. Might be a feature following release of Sapphire.
Haagse Post } HP (Netherlands), 19 Apr 1986. Advert says "Ontmoeting: popmusicus John Martyn".

Below is the stuff that is still on my TO DO LIST. If you have knowledge of any other articles or interviews, be my guest...

yyyy-mm-dd medium ctry title author/ host description
1973-08-18 Sounds GB Music on impulse from John Martyn Jerry Gilbert Studio interview during recording of Inside Out
1973-10-13 Melody Maker GB John Martyn Inside Out Geoff Brown One page feature about Inside Out
1973-11-01 Guitar GB Inside John Martyn Dave Dyke Two page interview with pic in 'the magazine for all guitarists'
1974-02-03 Ciao 2001 #5 I John Martyn: Folk & Jazz 'Per Il Cuore' Enzo Caffarelli Four page article with pics
1975-11-29 NME GB The bitterest beard in Britain Rod McShane Interview
1976-01-01 Gong Vol 3 #1 I John Martyn/ Bianca Luna Blues Marco Fumagalli Italian career description
1977-02-00 Beat Instrumental #124 GB Player of the month/ John Martyn anonymous Two page interview portrait
1977-04-09 Melody Maker GB John Martyn: so far so good Geoff Brown One page interview
1977-06-03 McMaster University radio, Hamilton, Ontario CA interview unknown 32 minutes of really bad tape
1977-12-01 Trouser Press #24 (Vol 4, Nr 6) US John Martyn, Superstar! John Walker Four pages career description and short interview on US tour
1977-12-24 NME GB This Man is a Walking, Playing Bag of his Own Chris Salewicz Two page interview with original pictures
1979-06-01 Ciao 2001 I John Martyn Dalla Lingua Lunga Marco Ferranti Italian article during tour
1980-11-29 NME GB John Martyn: The Exorcism Nick Kent Two page interview; birth of the diaries quote
1981-04-03-16 Hot Press Vol 5 #6 GB To the pub and back with John Martyn unknown No further details yet
1981-06-00 Musician #33 US John Martyn's Grace and Danger Brian Cullman Two page career description on appearance of album
1981-09-00 International Musician & Recording World
Vol 7 #9
UK John Martyn/ End of the One Man Band? Peter Murphy Four page interview about band transition
1982-01-24 Ciao 2001 Vol XIV #4 I Il nuovo John Martyn e' successo Luigi Abbà Three page interview with five pics in Italian weekly
1983-01-07 RAM #201 AU unknown Steve Sutherland One page Australian interview, Well Kept Secret
1984-12-22 NME GB The man who put the sap in Sapphire Barney Hoskyns One page interview
1985-01-00 Guitarist Vol 1, #8 GB John Martyn Nicholas Webb Three page interview on gear and Sapphire
1986-03-08 BBC2, Saturday Review GB 20 years of performing Mick Brown TV interview before taking off for world tour. Also five songs from Palladium performance
1987-03-01 Guitar Club Vol 4 #3 I Intervista a John Martyn Vittorio Azzoni Four page Italian interview with original photos
1990-03-18 Sunday Correspondent GB Starting again at the bottom Sean O'Hagan 630 word article
1998-02-00 Guitar techniques GB John Martyn unplugged unknown Transcription of May You Never
1998-03-18 Hot Press EI On Top Of His Game Colm o'Hare Interview in Irish magazine
2001-02-20 Dotmusic GB The John Martyn interview Simon Ward Taped interviews in streaming video no longer on the net
2001-07-01 Guitarist #212 GB John Martyn Style Matthew Wig Short piece on DADGAD in 'Techniques' section
2002-01-01 Guitar Vol 12 #8 GB Songwriting workshop/ John Martyn Douglas Noble Fine four page piece on various tunings
2004-06-01 Record Collector #298 GB John The Lad Jonathan Wingate Three page interview about career and discography
2004-08-01 Guitar magazine vol 15 #4 GB Echo Ranger Michael Heatley Three page post op interview on appearance of On The Cobbles
2005-08-04 RTE Radio 1 EI John Creedon Show John Creedon Short radio interview during Irish tour
2005-09-20 RTE Radio 1 EI Under The Influence Joe Jackson Radio interview during Irish tour
2005-10-08 NDR Radio Hamburg D Nachtclub Classics Harald Mönkedieck Interview fragments in one hour German radio special
2005-11-01 The Word #33 GB "Booze Is Fuel" Graeme Thomson Two page interview supporting release of remasters
2006-01-01 Uncut #104 GB To Slur With Love Andy Gill Two pages about reissues with very short interview
2006-05-02 BBC Radio 2 GB Mark Radcliffe Show Mark Radcliffe Conversation between live studio band performance
2006-05-21 BBC Radio 3 GB Andy Kershaw Show Andy Kershaw Interviews intersected with live studio band performance, recorded 9 May
2006-08-01 Mojo #153 GB [Stabbed, shot and stoned] Mat Snow Five page interview with several pictures
2007-12-01 Guitarist magazine GB Still Rather Be The Devil Ciarán Tracey Five page interview with several pictures
2008-06-01 Acoustic magazine #22 GB John Martyn David Hughes Cover story; five page career interview following Lifetime Achievement Award.
2008-07-01 The Word #65 GB A Golden Age Rob Fitzpatrick Cover story; seven page interview following Lifetime Achievement Award.
2008-09-01 R2/ Rock 'n' Reel vol2 #11 GB John Martyn Johnny Black uncertain
2008-11-01 R2/ Rock 'n' Reel vol 2 #12 GB Grace & danger Johnny Black Interview about career
2009-03-01 Total Guitar #186 GB John Martyn Stuart Ryan One page story in a tryptich called Folk Guitar.
2013-04-01 Mojo #233 GB Vintage Trouble Mat Snow Six pages about Solid Air and Inside Out, forty years after release.