Martyn For Marquee

Record Mirror
Martyn for Marquee

JOHN MARTYN, currently on tour in Australia, returns to Britain next month for two special shows, at London's Marquee Club.

Martyn's last three London concerts were all sell-outs. In February he broke the house record with over 500 people standing at the New Victoria Theatre.

He's at the Marquee on September 7 and 8. Advance tickets are available only by postal application to John Martyn Marquee, Derek Block Promotions, 16 Oxford Circus Avenue, 231, Oxford Street, London W1. Cheques and POs should be made payable to the Derek Block Organisation. Tickets are £1.25 each and are limited to four per applicant.

This announcement was published Record Mirror, 27 August 1977 on page 5.