Danny Thompson plays JM tribute on Celtic Connections

During the Celtic Connections festival, held January 2010 in Glasgow, there will be two tribute concerts for songwriters Nick Drake and John Martyn.
Drake's record producer Joe Boyd will lead the Drake concert with contriubutions from Vashti Bunyan, Green Gartside and Danny Thompson.
Danny Thompson will lead the tribute to John Martyn. Danny was asked on several occasions to stage a tribute concert. But he believes this event - with contributions from Martin Simpson, Luka Bloom, Eddie Reader and Darrell Scott, provides the best occasion.

The evening with Danny will take place Saturday 30th January 2010, 21:00 hours at the Old Fruitmarket (Glasgow). Among other things "the show will feature a selection of John Martyn tunes interpreted by this formidable musical line up." Tickets cost £ 16. More info here.

Nick Drake tribute
The Nick Drake event is called Way to Blue: Songs of Nick Drake and takes place Wednesday 20th January, 19.30 hours, at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall's Main Auditorium.
This concert, curated by producer Joe Boyd, features the late Robert Kirby’s orchestrations from those same LPs, which are also recalled by the presence of Drake’s chosen bassist, Danny Thompson, who’ll be anchoring the house band. Other guests include Vashti Bunyan, Green Gartside, Teddy Thompson, Robyn Hitchcock, Stuart Murdoch, Lisa Hannigan and Krystle Warren.