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Not bad

The full top 10 of Lasting Tribute celebrity tributes to get the most messages in 2009 is:
1. Jade Goody
2. Michael Jackson
3. John Martyn
4. Dave Dee, DJ and 60s celebrity
5. Actress Natasha Richardson
6. Film star Patrick Swayze
7. Singer Stephen Gately
8. Patrick McGoohan, star of cult 60s show The Prisoner
9. Actress Wendy Richard
10. Phil Easton - veteran presenter and Liverpool FC match day announcer

Says the Coventry Telegraph.

Seasoned Greetings

It has almost been a year now but over here we still miss Big John in a big way. At least we might expect Willing To Work to be released in 2010...

Meanwhile I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.

This site is technically up to date but I have had too little time for adding all the latest releases. Eventually I will do some catching up though, hopefully in the new year.

Really Gone but not quite

cover photoA version of the UltanJohn track Really Gone has been included on Ultan Conlon's debut solo album Bless Your Heart, which was presented 20 November 2009 with a free gig in Kelly's, Bridge Street, Galway. Ultan John (Ultan Conlon and John Conneely) worked with John Martyn on the track that appeared as a single November 2006.

Conlon played support to Martyn for a concert at the Cork Opera House that took place 3 August 2005. John liked the duo so much they were offered a second support act the next day, at Dolans Warehouse (Limerick). Afterwards Martyn asked if he could join in a recording session for UltanJohn, at Ross Studios, Clarenbridge.

The album was written and produced by Ultan Conlon and co-produced by Eoin McCann and Raoul Terzi. It was mastered by Ray Staff, best known for his work with Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Clash, and Muse.
The album is released on DarkSideOut records.

Danny Thompson plays JM tribute on Celtic Connections

During the Celtic Connections festival, held January 2010 in Glasgow, there will be two tribute concerts for songwriters Nick Drake and John Martyn.
Drake's record producer Joe Boyd will lead the Drake concert with contriubutions from Vashti Bunyan, Green Gartside and Danny Thompson.
Danny Thompson will lead the tribute to John Martyn. Danny was asked on several occasions to stage a tribute concert. But he believes this event - with contributions from Martin Simpson, Luka Bloom, Eddie Reader and Darrell Scott, provides the best occasion.

Universal Funk Orchestra tribute, 11 October

They're playing the whole of Solid Air in The Button Factory.

Taken from Hotpress.com, 25 Sep 2009

Fresh from tackling Radiohead’s The Bends, The Universal Funk Orchestra perform the whole of John Martyn’s Solid Air on October 11 in The Button Factory (Dublin).

The roll call for the night includes musicians Max Greenwood, Dave McGuinness, Paul Carter, Garvan Gallagher, Kevin Kinney and Paul Byrne, and Karenrosanna Hammond who’ll be singing with both a heavy heart and a light head.

Given that Martyn wrote Solid Air’s title-track for him, the UFO-ers will also be encoring with a song by fellow folkie Nick Drake.

Tickets are € 10 before 9.30pm and € 12 after.
The Button Factory is new name of the refurbished Temple Bar Music Centre that opened October 2007.


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