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Photographs are back again

It took some heavy thinking but I managed to incorporate photo gallery functionality into this website. Not all the old photographs have been transferred because of their resolution being too low for lightbox use. On the other hand there are some new ones to be found and more of those coming up.

I did not include a slideshow because this will only cost me bandwidth, which is something to be taken into account living in a shared hosting environment. Still I am convinced there is a lot of fine stuff to enjoy.

Welcome to the housewarming party

It looks like all the right buttons got pushed as things look pretty OK after a massive transfer of data.
Moving to a new service provider is a complex operation but it was necessary to keep things stable.
The photo gallery is not active at the moment as I am going to integrate this with the website itself.
I think I have an idea how to accomplish this.

More info on the tribute album

Gradually more info is seeping through about the upcoming John Martyn tribute album.
Robert Smith (from The Cure) has done a version of Small Hours.
We also know Beth Orton recorded a version of Go Down Easy.
Beck is now reported to have made a version of Stormbringer.
And Ted Barnes and his fellow member Gavin Clarke of the UK folk band Clayhill had a go at Over The Hill.

Solid Air should be present of course but who is to record this classic JM song? Associate producer Pete Mason had Sting in mind but he proved to be too busy recording a new album for himself. Skye, the Morcheeba singer, was next in line and seems to have done a fine job.

The band Oh My God is also involved as they mention having been recording in Jim Tullios studio too.

Skye wrote a nice blog entry on her contribution here.

Cover album II

More news on the JM cover album. Beth Orton, who once covered Don't Want To Know on her album Superpinkymandy, played a New York concert at the City Winery on January 17th. Elizabeth Hahn reports Beth played 'Go Down Easy' on this occasion, with Sam Amidon and Thomas Bartlett of Doveman.
The interesting part is Beth added they had recorded it for an upcoming John Martyn tribute album. So there's definitely something cooking...


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