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Happy Birthday John

John would have turned 67 years old today. Not a day goes by that we do not miss him - in spite of the wonderful legacy of music he left us. Every now and then a talented singer-songwriter emerges who is clearly inspired by JM. But it never comes close to what we have come to cherish. This only proves that John is irreplaceable.

Last year I was happy to discover that the ghost of the echoplex has not disappeared. This clip by Nils Frahm is something totally different but gives a nice touch to a memorable day.

Play a John album, open up a good bottle of claret, spread the word and the love for music and mankind.

Gathering Coming Up..

On the 26th and 27th of June, JM afficionados and musicians will get together for a John Martyn Summer Gathering. The (small) event will take place at the Green Dragon Inn, Hardraw Hayes, Leyburn. That is in North Yorkshire. Which is fairly in the middle between Glasgow and London, when you think about it. Tickets cost £ 20.00 and the event is non profit. More details in the poster.


Several tribute bands have been confirmed and one should certainly seize the opportunity to meet Cheryl Wilson and Irish singer-songwriter Ultan Conlon (who both participated in Jim Tullios tribute project). Also there will be guitar workshops.
"We welcome all musicians and fans to join us at the gathering."

A Happy 2015

This goes to wish you all a healthy and safe new year. This site will remain in the air, although I hardly have any time to spend on it.
2015 will see some new releases, mainly remixes and deluxe editions by Universal. I will report those when I can find the time.

Look A Whole New Look..

Big Muff is back with a totally new design that was developed from the ground up. Navigation has changed considerably and so has the Home page.
Main reason for doing so is that I got bored with the theme I chose seven years ago.
Main goal is to provide a better user experience on mobile devices and tablets. Printing support has also improved.
In the first half of this year a LOT of new information has been added to this site from newspaper archives. Until now Dutch, Italian, Irish and Australian vaults have been raided. More to follow, of course.

This Is Going To Cost You..

Happy John Martyn day first of all. John would have turned 65 today.
There are plenty of presents available this year. The sampler Sweet Little Mystery; serving as a warming up for the massive Island Years box set. And as a byproduct the vinyl edition of the 1972 concert Live At The Hanging Lamp.
I have lots of thoughts about these releases but I the main thing is that John's legacy remains available.
The box set contains a lot of interesting material but also quite a bit more of albums we already own in several versions.
We will give it a spin when the ship comes running up the harbour.


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