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No New York, though..

The Joe's Pub gigs that were announced for October are not going to take place, although John would have liked to perform in the US again. John Hillarby reports there were logistical complications so let's hope there will be another occasion soon.

Glorious Fool Ramblings..

A kind Italian pharmacist from France kindly sent me five scans from an old Melody Maker (3 October 1981). It enabled me to read and publish some more vintage JM material in the Publications section. The story A Fool's Time For Glory? by Steve Sutherland portraits a tired John getting angry about politics and politicians. It gives some background info on why Glorious Fool and Don't You Go were written.

Welcome to Web 2.0

As you have noticed Big Muff has changed considerably. During the past four months I have converted the old website to this new database driven platform. I don't know (yet) whether the server can manage the number of request that 50 100 200 300 500 600 daily visitors impose, so this is also sort of a test run.


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