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Foss is coming to the gathering

posterJohn Martyn fans and friends are scheduled for their annual meeting in north Yorkshire. From June 21st to 23rd, three days of music are dedicated to the memory of the one and only John Martyn. The event, known as the Summer Gathering, will take place in Hackforth, Bedale. After Sarah Jane Morris, who is releasing a CD with John Martyn covers, recently also keyboard master Foster Paterson agreed to come.

There will be live bands every night. This year's line-up features Danny Thompson (yes the real one), Claire Hamill (dito), Rory Butler (keep an eye on him), vocalist Sarah Jane Morris, Katy Spencer (rising star), Avocet, Phil Shackleton, The Solid Air band, Laura Kindelan and Calum Ingram.
Apart from performances there will be guitar workshops and en open mic stage on the Saturday and Sunday.

This laid back event is a chance to immerse yourself in all things JM. One can kick back and enjoy the weekend with a great group of like minded souls. Personally I can't make it but meeting fellow fans at the memorial concert in Glasgow last January was a moving, impressive and pleasant occasion.
Weekend and day tickets available on the door, or may be purchased in advance from this link:
And if you cannot make it, consider making a donation to facilitate this unique tradition.

No Gathering this year..

The 2021 edition of the John Martyn Gathering has been cancelled. The last weekend of June option could not go ahead because of the prolongued covid measures, and after examining the possibilities of the weekend of July 23rd one had to conclude that too many people would not be able to attend at a one month's notice. So the next chance to meet fellow Johnkies is probably going to be next January in Glasgow.


Eleven years..

posterToday it makes eleven years since John's passing. Which is sad. Still people all over the world keep discovering his music, though. One year ago, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall completely sold out for the 10 year memorial concert organized by co-legend Danny Thompson. Last year saw the release of Sweet Little Mysteries | The Songs of John Martyn, a fine tribute CD by Sarah Jane Morris and Tony Rémy. Recommended.

Only recently people in the Netherlands were able to see the John Martyn Project live, a set of JM songs performed by five aspiring musicians who also toured the UK in the course of 2019.

In North Yorkshire, a new John Martyn Gathering is coming up next summer. And a small winter gathering is held in the Clutha this weekend, in John's home town Glasgow. Sold out.

So John is alive though not kicking :o(

Happy Birthday John

71 years today... and still selling out the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.
It is encouraging to see that people are still engaged with John's music and career. Only yesterday I got an unknown picture from Sweden of John performing in Uppsala, Sweden at the monumental Barowiak theatre (below).


If you want to get in touch with people who feel the same way, look for the John Martyn Group on Facebook. Amazing stuff is shared on that platform.

Uncut about recording Solid Air

This month, ten years will have gone by since John's passing. This, and an upcoming all-star remembrance concert in the context of Celtic Connections at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, is reason for Uncut magazine to give some attention to JM.

Their February issue features a three page article on the making of the track Solid Air, by Graeme Thomson. There's a lot of direct quotes from the people involved: John Wood, Dave Mattacks, Danny Thompson, John 'Rabbit' Bundrick and Tristan Fry.
Funny thing is that Uncut also wrote about Solid Air ten years earlier, in December 2000. This piece is called Emotional Rescue. Both stories have been sort of recreated on this site.


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