Non-Dairy Creamer

1 Feb 1971
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Despite the fact that they are on their second Warner Bros. album now, we are pretending the Martyns are new artists because they remain woefully underexposed, as we're sure you'll agree when you hear Primrose Hill.

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Bawdy British Ballads

1 Jan 1968
Written by: 
David Betteridge

Theo Johnson first saw the light of Folk Music in a small fishing village called Culowercoats in Northumberland [Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear, ed]. Born there in 1930 he soon grew into a big bouncing boy with a booming voice of much depth, which he attributed to his mother, a well known opera singer, and mullet stew three times a day. Venturing from this seclusion he joined the Merchant Navy in 1944 travelling to the four corners of the globe, collecting folk songs from many nations.


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