More Than Souvenirs

On several occasions, tour programs were sold to the public. These full colour booklets have become very rare now. They contained pictures, merchandise, band members, and also essays about John's music. Of course the new record proves his best up to date but in general these were good stories.
John also got biographical sections in several festival programs, like Glastonbury 1986, Cropredy 1987 or the 1999 Guinness Fleadh. The same goes for the 1982 Six Of The Best concert program, the Genesis reunion for Womad in the Milton Keynes concert bowl.

From Biography To Blurb

Many of John's albums contained liner notes that are reproduced here. Some are biographical, some are long appreciations by almost literary critics. Sometimes John himself has taken down some notes but he obviously didn't waste much time on this.
The Japanese CD release of Well kept secret also contained five pages of liner notes, but unfortunately in Japanese..

John Martyn For Readers

Over the years, John has given many interviews. Sometimes on radio, sometimes for magazines. Also many stories have been published and even some books. And a special category are the tour programs.
I am certain of the following items. (Reviews have been left out, and short stories are only included if they carry a quote from John himself or if they contain new information.)

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