Bram van Splunteren, Wim Bloemendaal
Vara Dutch FM radio 3

Editor's note: The indented text are the Dutch comments during the interview, 'H' meaning 'host'.

H1: Vanavond in Moondogs, John Martyn. En we gaan een hele poos terug, naar zijn allereerste plaat, die verscheen [in 1968].


Hugh Fielder

JOHN MARTYN's well-kept secrets unlocked by HUGH FIELDER

"SO SOUNDS think I'm an old hippy do they?" muses John Martyn as we stand in the hotel lobby waiting for the limo (the manager's estate car actually) to whisk us nearly 100 yards to the gig at Durham University 1. Well, it's raining and he'll get his track suit wet otherwise. "Nooo, that was all too wishy washy. I always wanted to be a beatnik. That seemed to have much more sparkle about it."

Short German radio interview

German radio

Host: Neben mir, John Martyn...
JM: Hi...
H: Not from England, from Scotland...
JM: Scotland, Scotland.
H: Die Schotten legen ja immer sehr viel Wert darauf daß man also 'Schotland' sagt und nicht 'England', it's very important that we always have to say 'Scotland' instead of...
John, in Glasgow geboren, aufgewachsen Ende der sechziger Jahre, sixty-eight, you started with folk music, hast du mit Folkmusik begonnen. Dann, in the mid seventies, Mitte der siebziger, bist du umgestiegen auf Rock. Warum, why?

A Home Base For John Martyn, The Wandering Minstrel

Jack Webster
Glasgow Herald

If the publicity machine has not yet made him a Rod Stewart or a Gerry Rafferty, then a loyal following around the world has certainly made a cult figure of John Martyn.

John who? It is still a fair question in his own native city of Glasgow, where the former Shawlands Academy boy is perhaps less of a name than he is in London, Vienna or New York.


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