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Mingus B. Formentor
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A pesar de la exquisitez de tu obra, mucho me temo que en España no eres demasiado conocido. ¿Qué tal en el resto de Europe continental?
- «Mis discos se venden muy bien en lugares como Alemania, Holanda, Francia, Países nórdicos, donde por lo demás suelo actuar con alguna frecuencia.»

John Martyn Interview, 27.2.86, Hanley [part 1]

Rob O'Dempsey
Musin' Music Magazine #4

The interview took place February 27th 1986, Hanley, Victoria Hall and appeared in two issues, #4 en #5.

R: How does it feel looking back over your 20 year career?
JM: It doesn't feel like twenty, for a start, it feels more like seven or eight, it feels fine.

R: Your very much a survivor of the music business, do you still enjoy touring?
JM: Yeah, well. I've always enjoyed it. I find it very dull staying at home. It's a bug once you get it...!

R: You described the new album Piece By Piece as your best to date. Would you like to tell us about it?

'Without my beard I look like Bill Sykes'

Niamh O'Byrne
Galway Advertiser

JOHN MARTYN was born in Glasgow in 1948, though never a great commercial success, John Martyn's eccentric brand of folk, elliptical songwriting, intimately bluesy singing, jazz flavoured music, has held steady appeal for critics and artists. Producing over 19 albums, John Martyn has proved himself a man of exceptional talent. He appeared in Galway on Friday, March 7th playing in Leisureland, beginning at 9.45 p.m. John Martyn played until 11.35.


Benoît Binet
Nineteen #19

[Entrevue avec Joe Boyd]

Il vient de produire le dernier R.E.M. mais son tableau de chasse ne se limite certainement pas aux Athéniens. Pink Floyd de Syd Barrett, Toots and the Maytals, Fairport Convention, Paul Butterfield, Incredible String Band, Nick Drake, Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan... à un moment ou à un autre, ils ont tous rencontré Joe Boyd.


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