BBC 6 Music

Shaun Keaveny
BBC 6 Music

During his November 2008 tour John was shortly interviewed in the Thistle City Barbican Hotel lobby near the London Barbican theatre. Host for BBC 6 music is Shaun Keaveny.

Follia e Sagezza

Antonio Lodetti

Follia e Sagezza

La sua musica e la sua storia sono state definite «larger than life»; in lingua corrente significa che ha abbattuto tutte le barriere stilistiche e che ne ha combinate di cotte e di crude.

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Echo-loving Folk Curmudgeon

Rob Young

UNCUT: What do you think of the anthology?
JOHN MARTYN: I haven't heard it... I keep as far away from all that stuff, man. As soon as I've finished it, it's gone. I love playing live, you know? It's actually a stricter discipline than being in the studio, because you only get one shot at the gig, whereas in the studio you get loads of shots.


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