Heavy Load

David Clayton, Todd K. Smith
Moonshine Publishing, Bilborough, Nottingham 2001; ISBN 978-0954216900

Chapter 22 of the 300 page Free biography tells some nice things about John in relation to the late Paul Kossoff.

Excerpt from chapter 22:

John Martyn For Guitar Tab

Richard Carman, Peter Evans, Arthur Dick
Wise Publications 1995, ISBN 0-7119-3753-2

"Ten great songs in easy-to-read guitar tablature & standard notation, including chord symbols, melody line & lyrics "

The book contains Angeline, Bless The Weather, Couldn't Love You More, Just Now, May You Never, One World, Over The Hill, Send Me One Line, Solid Air, Sweet Little Mystery. Credits: compiled by Peter Evans, music arranged by Arthur Dick.

Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice

Hamish Imlach, Ewan McVicar
Mainstream Publishing, ISBN 978-1851585120

Reminiscences of a Fat Folk Singer

Mainstream Publishing, 1992 | ISBN 978-1851585120 (192 pages)
Gallus Publishing, 2010 | ISBN 978-0-9565990-1-8 (238 pages)

Cod Liver Oil & The Orange Juice was first published by Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh, in 1992. It got a reprint in 2010 by Gallus Publishing. Three fragments in the biography have a direct connection to John Martyn. The third anecdote about a spontaneous jam with John Martyn and Eric Clapton was first unearthed by Lee Barry in his fanzine Well Kept Secret #2 (July 1997)

Open Window: the John Martyn Songbook

International Music Publications

"Published by Intersong Music Limited. Order reference 7688. Distributed by International Music Publications."
The 32 page booklet contains 13 songs, a biography by Steve Sutherland and several pictures from the Well Kept Secret period.
The biography is almost identical to the Well Kept Secret tour program by the same author; only the last paragraphs differ.

The NME Book of Rock 2

Nick Logan, Bob Woffinden
W.H. Allen & Co, London 1977, ISBN 0 352 39715 2

Glasgow-born, Martyn spent later 1960s building reputation on folk-circuit with albums like (1) and (2), before (3), recorded in the U.S. A. with members of The Band, brought him to wider attention.


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